YouTube Pocahontas Previews

This historical figure is prominent on YouTube.

If you've been searching for YouTube Pocahontas previews, you're in luck. The popular Internet video portal saves the day once again, offering up a plethora of selections related to the topic.

The Pocahontas Movie

In 1995, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution released Pocahontas on the big screen. The animated feature film focused on the encounter between the colonists of Jamestown, Virginia and the native tribe of Powhatan. It also details the meeting between Pocahontas and John Smith.

Researching Pocahontas Online: A Wealth of Information

For loyal fans of Disney's Pocahontas movie, the desire to learn as much as possible about the film is strong. When the film was released in 1995, there was not much information available beyond what was offered to the general public by the movie studio. Today, however, the Internet plays a major role in allowing fans to research background information to their heart's content. Not only are biographies of cast and crew members readily available, so too are:

  • Film clips
  • Dialogues
  • Reviews of the video game (which was based on the film)
  • Reviews of the soundtrack
  • Reviews of the 10th anniversary DVD special edition
  • The true story behind the "Pocahontas myth" that arose after the film's release
  • The story about the real Pocahontas

Video Clips

It's no great surprise that YouTube features an abundance of video clips related to the Pocahontas film. Conducting a search using the keyword "Pocahontas" results in nearly 2500 related links. Among these video clips are the following:

Feature Film Clips

If you haven't yet seen Pocahontas, you're likely to find a good chunk of it on YouTube. The portal reveals plenty of scenes from the film, including the introduction and the classic final moment.

Music from the Film

Several songs (if not all, with some clever searching) are available on YouTube. Many of the songs are even available sung in foreign languages, including the award-winning single "Colors of the Wind".

Video Game Clips

If you've engaged in a battle of wits with your Sega Genesis Pocahontas game lately, you'll understand just how crucial this is. The video game clips available allow viewers to witness the entire complete (and happy) ending to the game. Frustrated users aplenty will revel in this gem of a video. Other clips include scenes from various other levels of the game.

Pocahontas Goes Global

Among the vast collection of clips is a little treasure of Pocahontas videos translated into several foreign languages, including:

  • Polish
  • Japanese
  • Swedish
  • Dutch
  • Icelandic
  • Greek
  • Portuguese

YouTube Pocahontas Previews

There's nothing like seeing a wonderful movie at the cinema for the first time. Fans of Pocahontas who wish to relive the experience - at least in part - can now head over to YouTube for a special treat that will take them back to the day they saw the movie for the first time. The trailers for upcoming features that are shown prior to a new film are usually not very memorable. However, when it's the movie in question is a cartoon - particularly one from Disney - then you can anticipate plenty of fun trailers to accompany the film.

The trailers that played before Pocahontas were no exception - they showcased more than just the standard previews for upcoming films. A search for YouTube Pocahontas previews reveals a clip of the nine minute sequence that played before the film's start. The following elements are part of the clip:

  • Walt Disney World commercial
  • Trailer for The Hunchback of Notre Dame (which also features some scenes focusing on the making of the film)
  • Trailer for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (restored and released on video at the time)
  • Trailer for The Aristocats (being released on video for the first time ever)
  • Trailer for Aladdin and the King of Thieves (featuring scenes showcasing the making of the film)
  • Preview for The Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection
  • Preview for the Pocahontas computer game
  • Disney's famed "Classics" logo
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YouTube Pocahontas Previews