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Llama checking out a videographer.

Have you ever seen YouTube bloopers? If you haven't, you're in for a surprise. There are bloopers and blunders of every imaginable kind, from skateboard mishaps to newscast mistakes. There are videos to tickle everyone's funny bone on this website.

New YouTube Bloopers

Looking for the hottest YouTube bloopers? Go to the YouTube website and type in bloopers in the search box. This will bring up the most recent entries into the general YouTube bloopers category. From there you can search all the different categories of blooper movies.

YouTube blooper videos can appear in any of the main twelve categories. While many of the bloopers appear in the comedy category, they can also be found in Pets and Animals, Politics or in one of the other categories. Since there are literally thousands of videos on YouTube, using the search function is the fastest way to find the videos you love to laugh at.

Popular YouTube Blooper Videos

People who frequently visit YouTube for a dose of comedy gravitate towards their favorites. If you already know what you are looking for, such as pet bloopers, simply type this into the search box and you'll find hundreds of pet blooper videos. YouTube blooper videos are arranged with the most visited videos first.

Viewers are encouraged to rate each video by using a five-star system. After you visit each video, consider rating them. This helps other viewers determine whether they would enjoy the same video too.

Enjoy Watching You Tube Videos

TV News

TV News Bloopers features some of the funniest outtakes from television news broadcasts around the world. You'll giggle when you see how on air personalities bounce back from technical difficulties, pronunciation issues, dealing with a power failure in the middle of a broadcast, and much more.

Game Shows

Half the fun of watching game shows is seeing what kind of wacky things people will say on national television. Watch game show bloopers and laugh out loud to funny contestant responses from programs such as the Dating Game, Family Feud, the Newlywed Game, The Dating Game, and Hollywood Chairs.


Enjoy viewing bloopers from some of your famous sports, including:


Whether they live in the wild, or they share our homes with us, animal bring us a great deal of love. You can enjoy a number of hilarious You Tube blooper videos featuring hilarious animal antics. For example, Cat Bloopers is a hilarious collection of cats gone wild. Funny Animal Bloopers features funny activities of a wide variety of animals, including otters, sheep, deer, moose, monkeys, and more.

YouTube Membership

Do you have a funny video to share? YouTube would like to see what you have to offer! Bloopers are a great video to start with, since almost everyone has a blooper or blunder in their personal video library. The first step of adding your video to the YouTube community is to sign up as a member on the site. Create a user name, enter a password, valid email address and your birthday, and you'll be on your way to broadcasting yourself!

Learn How to Create Videos

The best place to start learning about uploading a YouTube blooper video is to visit the Video Toolbox. This is where you'll learn general information on uploading videos to the website. Learn how to produce, edit, add cool special effects and record clear sounding audio for your videos.

Code of Conduct

Not everything is acceptable on the YouTube community pages. To make sure all subscribers understand what content is allowed, and what isn't, a code of conduct is listed on the site.

YouTube blooper videos, for example, shouldn't show people doing dangerous or illegal acts, involve malicious use of stereotypes, or sexually explicit content. If you use any of this type of content, your video may be flagged as inappropriate and subject to editorial review. People who consistently submit inappropriate videos will be permanently banned from YouTube.

Upload a Blooper Video

Uploading a blooper video is easy. Sign in to YouTube, then click on My Account and My Videos. Enter your title, description and tags, and then click on Upload a Video. It typically takes one minute for each MB of video you upload. The maximum file size is 100 MB. You can also upload a video from any page on the site. The Upload Videos link is on the upper right hand corner of each page.

Share Your Videos

Now that you've seen what other people have to offer, and you've uploaded your own video, join the online community. This is a great way to see what groups are forming on the site and what the new video contests are. Perhaps you can join or create a new blooper group. Let other members know about your new YouTube blooper video here. Who knows? Maybe your video will be the next hottest YouTube bloopers to be added to the site!

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