Worst Christmas Movies of All Time

Bad Christmas movies can be enjoyable!

For some, the worst Christmas movies of all time are enjoyable movies. Many equate a bad holiday movie as part of the Christmas tradition and choose subpar movies over the classic Christmas ones. But sometimes it can be hard to find which Christmas movie is bad enough to watch. A Google search can show that there are several hundred movies that have a Christmas theme. However, finding the worst Christmas movies of all time isn't nearly as hard as the search engines initially make it seem.

What Makes A Bad Holiday Movie?

Generally, holiday movies are warm and endearing. However, there are many Christmas movies that don't aim to make one's heart any warmer. In fact, there are many Christmas movie that aim to make you giggle or scream. Factors that can contribute to a bad holiday movie include:

  • Being too focused on comedy. Christmas movies that rely on the giggles can take away from the holiday season.
  • Making fun of Christmas. While successful movies can have characters that hate Christmas, mocking Christmas can often be too far over the line.
  • Combining odd elements, such as science fiction, into a Christmas movie.
  • Bad plot. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, a bad plot can ruin a Christmas flick.
  • Even worse than a bad plot is a ridiculous one. If only a child could love a plot, it probably goes too far.

Worst Christmas Movies of All Time

If you have been looking for a list of the worst Christmas movies of all time, here is a compilation to make your search easier.

  1. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is often heralded as one of the best of the worst Christmas movies. Combining science fiction drama of the 1960's with a strong Santa Claus character, the film is out of this world.
  2. Tim Allen has started in many Christmas movies. However, one of the worst is Christmas with the Kranks. The uncomfortable comedy not only had too much comedy for a holiday movie, but lacked in making fans feel jollier with its island antics.
  3. Fred Claus also ranks as one of the worst Christmas movies ever made. The film starring Vince Vaughn feels unnatural to many fans of either Christmas or Vaughn himself.
  4. I'll Be Home For Christmas stars Jonathan Taylor Thomas (of Home Improvement fame) in a humorless comedy that many highlight misses a plot.
  5. The Santa Claus series starring Tim Allen as Scott Calvin marks high on many worst Christmas films lists. Why? Put together one part bad humor, another part over indulgent Christmas spirit and a child-friendly plot and you would understand why many mark the Santa Claus series as their worst Christmas films.
  6. Jingle All The Way features now-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The star is late to an event with his son and spends the movie competing with Sinbad to obtain the perfect Christmas toy to make his son happy. The movie suffers from poor plot points and even worse casting choices. The movie's title is also mocked on many movie quote sites.
  7. Silent Night, Deadly Night is a poor Christmas movie choice. The film is a horror movie with the focal point of Christmas.
  8. Ernest Saves Christmas finds Ernest looking for a replacement for Santa Claus. Much like other bad Christmas movies, the title takes humor to an extreme and forgets its Christmas purpose.
  9. Many agree that The Preacher's Wife is a good movie. Unfortunately, it does not make for a good Christmas movie.
  10. The 2003 version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas makes a film out of a short vignette. In addition to dragging out a short plot, the effects in the film are more frightening than any Christmas flick requires. The casting of Jim Carrey also helps take the film to a ridiculous level.
  11. Another plot that borders on the absurd is All I Want For Christmas in which two New York children aim to get their parents together for the holidays.

Final Thought

Just because a large audience thinks a movie is horrible doesn't necessarily mean you won't like the movie. Just because a reviewer says the film's writer doesn't know how to write a script doesn't mean it won't be your movie of the year. Everyone has different tastes and bad Christmas movies are the highlight of the year for some. Always give a movie a chance so that you don't miss something you might love.

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Worst Christmas Movies of All Time