Where Can I Find Funny Movies

Movies to keep you laughing!

If you're the type who loves to laugh, you've probably asked yourself "where can I find funny movies?" In fact, you've probably asked your friends and anyone else you think can help you find a few awesome movies. Luckily, you don't have to keep asking questions. There are numerous places online where you can find funny movies. Keep reading to find a few sites to get you chuckling right now.

What Types of Funny Movies Are There?

If you're looking funny, you should probably try to narrow in on what type of funny movie that you're looking for. After all, why waste your time watching something you can tell at first click isn't a fit for you. Different types of humor include:

  • Romantic comedies that feature funny situations and jokes.
  • Dirty humor that features offensive jokes and sexual situations.
  • Slapstick humor that features physical gags and mild violence.
  • Accident humor like in Jackass where someone gets hurt.
  • Clever humor that involves a lot of banter and intelligent joking.
  • Sarcasm based humor where not all viewers are going to 'get' it.

Whatever type of humor you're looking for, be sure to keep it in mind when you see funny films online. Sometimes when we see that so many people have liked something (through reviews or the like), we feel like we should also. Don't feel this way - it's your movie viewing!

Where Can I Find Funny Movies?

If you're looking for humor-based films, stop asking yourself "where can I find funny movies" and start heading to some of the sites below to watch them!

  • One of the best places that people head for funny films is YouTube. Since the site has so many user supported videos, you can really hone in on the type of humor you're looking for. For example, some videos feature people getting hurt in funny ways while others feature cute cats and kittens doing hilarious things.
  • Extreme Funny Humor is a great site that gets a lot of the funny videos on the web together and puts them in one place. If you're looking for a movie that will have you in stitches, you shouldn't have to look much farther than this site! Some of the newest features on the site highlight a few funny wipeouts and a girl whose top comes off -- while she's teaching a class!
  • Atom is a phenomenal source for comedy on the web. On the site, you'll find everything from dirty humor to plain hilarious jokes. Be sure to check out the day's featured video!
  • Bofunk is another great source for humor on the web. The site aggregates videos across the web with just the right amount of comedy.
  • Metacafe might not be the number one source on the web for comedy but you can easily keep yourself laughing all day on the site. While not all of the films can be considered comedy, finding the diamond films in the rough can be a part of the fun! The site also has numerous other types of videos that you might enjoy like fun action shorts or movie trailers.
  • Funnyreign is another solid site to check out for laughs and so much more. So many of the clips on the site cross between different types of humor. You'll likely find a movie to keep you in stitches throughout the day!

A Final Thought

While it might not seem like there can be comedy in all things, many of the more enjoyable movies across the web are unexpected types of comedy that people find in the everyday. Perhaps a child can't get words out right or a pet just keeps running into the wall. While it might not sound funny to read, sometimes watching it can be absolutely hysterical.

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Where Can I Find Funny Movies