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If you're a fan, a list of upcoming Will Smith movies will surely not disappoint. Will Smith has plenty of projects in the works, some of them sequels and some of them brand new storylines. In addition to his starring roles in several upcoming films, Smith's production company also has several films planned.

List of Upcoming Will Smith Movies

Men in Black III

Will Smith is scheduled to return as Agent Jay in Men in Black III, a 3-D film, during 2012. The scheduled release date as of this writing is May 25, 2012 but since the film is in progress, some of the details may still change.

Independence Day 2 and 3

Independence Day 2 and Independence Day 3 are slated to film back to back, starting as early as 2011. That's right-two more sequels are already planned, so fans of Independence Day can rejoice! The movies have been ready to go for quite some time, but Fox was only ready to pay for them after the success of Avatar. Will Smith plays Captain Steven Hiller.

Bad Boys III

Bad Boys III should be released in 2012 if everything goes as planned. Will Smith, playing the part of Det. Mike Lowrey, will team up with Martin Lawrence and director Michael Bay in another film that combines action, comedy, and more.

Flowers for Algernon

Will Smith will star in and produce Flowers for Algernon, a movie based on a Daniel Keyes novel from 1966. The story is about a mentally disabled man who takes part in an experiment that increases his IQ, then unravels. Flowers for Algernon is set for release in 2013.

Legend of Cain

In this movie, a well-known Bible story about two brothers, Cain and Abel, meets with a vampiric twist, and Will Smith will be playing the bad guy. The film will be produced by Overbrook Entertainment, Smith's company.


As the name suggests, the movie has to do with money-lots of it, enough to attempt the destruction of the global economy. The plot involves an American's idea to produce excessive amounts of counterfeit money and distribute it across the world. The movie is set in Morocco.

The Karate Kid 2

Will Smith's production company, Overbrook Entertainment, will be making Karate Kid 2, a follow-up to the recently released Karate Kid movie (June 2010) featuring Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith. The Karate Kid movies are remakes of the 1980s' movies.


If you like both Will Smith and Nicholas Cage, you'll love this comedy about two dads who have been booked at the same time for the same timeshare. They compete to get their families the vacation they've been hoping for. There have been rumors of this movie since 2005, but it is in production and scheduled as of this writing for release in 2013.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

This popular kids' book is on its way to film thanks to Will Smith's production company, James Lassiter, and children's book author Maurice Sendak. The story follows a very imaginative little boy and his creations made with a purple crayon. While this story has been animated before, this time it's rumored to make it to the big screen with a Neverending Story feel.

Additional Future Will Smith Films

Does Will Smith ever take a break? It doesn't look like it, with such a long list of upcoming movies that he has a hand in whether he's an actor or producer. Other movies scheduled for release within the next few years include:

  • I, Robot 2
  • Hancock 2
  • Paper Wings
  • Angelology
  • Welcome to the Sticks
  • Amulet
  • My Wife Hates Your Wife
  • Sisters of Mercy
  • The City That Sailed
  • Overboard

Overview of Will Smith's Upcoming Movies

The range of Will Smith's talent is phenomenal, as is evident by the upcoming Will Smith movies. He will be taking on serious movies like Flowers for Algernon as well as more lighthearted ones like Timeshare. Perhaps part of Will Smith's appeal and subsequent success is his ability to appear in and produce such a wide range of films, reaching out to different types of people who love several different genres.

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