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Are you looking for the Underworld movie script? If you're a fan of this movie, chances are, you want to know as much as you can about the nuances of the film and the interactions between the characters. If you notice something new every time you watch the movie, you'll likely find reviewing the script to be very interesting and enlightening.

About Underworld Movie Script

The first movie in the Underworld trilogy was made in 2003. The story appeals to science fiction fans as well as those who enjoy stories about vampires and werewolves. The movie is about a centuries old war between vampires and werewolves, referred to as Lycans. In this story, vampires and Lycans trace their beginnings to the two sons of Alexander Corvinus. One of the sons was bitten by a bat and became the first vampire; the other was bitten by a wolf and became the first Lycan.

The central cast plot focuses on the conflict that arises when female vampire "death dealer" Selene has an experience that makes her question where her loyalties should lie. Selene meets and later falls in love with Michael, a human (who later becomes a Lycan) who is descended from Alexander Corvinus. The Lycans have a plot that involves using Michael's blood to eliminate the vampire race. Selene and Michael band together, along with other vampires, to prevent the Lycans from posing an even more deadly threat. During the movie, Selene questions the reasons for the war and begins to have doubts about which group deserves her loyalty.

For more details about the plot of this movie, you may want to watch the DVD or review a transcribed script. An unofficial transcript of the Underworld movie script is available free at Drew's Script-O-Rama. The DVD can be ordered from Amazon.com.

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Underworld Cast Members

The story of Underworld is brought to life by a talented team of actors that includes:

Vampire Characters

  • Kate Beckinsale - Selene
  • Shane Brolly - Kraven
  • Bill Nighy - Viktor
  • Sophia Myles - Erika
  • Zita Gorog - Amelia
  • Hank Amos -- Nathaniel

Lycan Characters

  • Scott Speedman - Michael (note: he starts out human, becomes a Lycan, then becomes a Lycan/vampire hybrid)
  • Michael Sheen - Lucian
  • Kevin Grevioux- Raze

Underworld Sequels

The war between the vampires and the Lycans does not end when the movie is over. The story continues with the second film in the trilogy that was released in 2006, Underworld: Evolution. The third installment, ''Underworld: Rise of the Lycans", released in 2008, is a prequel that allows fans to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying reasons behind the war between vampires and Lycans.

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Underworld Memorabilia

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Underworld Movie Script