Telugu Movies Online

Telugu Movies Online

Finding Telugu movies online isn't as difficult as you may think. In fact, because India produces far more movies on an annual basis than the United States or any other nation, there is never any shortage of Bollywood or Telugu movies available for your viewing pleasure. Just as you can quite easily find free Bollywood movies online, you can find Telugu movies online as well without too much trouble at all!

What Are Telugu Movies?

Bollywood movies are popular because they have some fantastic music and typically have plots that involve a complex love story. Yes, it can be a little cheesy at times by American standards, but many say that the tales are highly poetic. The same can be said about the love stories depicted in Telugu movies online and offline. Whether you watch a Telugu movie online or in a movie theater, you can fully expect tales of love, temptation, and celebration. You'll love the costumes, the backdrops, and the beautiful singing.

How Telugu Movies Differ From Bollywood?

One of the biggest appeals of Bollywood movies is that they contain some fantastic Bollywood music and the same can be said about Telugu movies. The Telugu movie industry is also known as Tollywood: a combination of Telugu and Hollywood. You'll get similar babes, stories, and artistic direction, so what exactly is different?

Well, the key thing that differentiates Bollywood from Tollywood is that the former consists primarily of movies in Hindi, whereas films from the latter are in Telugu, which is the second-largest spoken language in India. The Telugu movie industry is based in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Where to Find Telugu Movies Online

The legal issues of finding Telugu movies online aren't all that different from watching free American movies online, so before we list some of the websites that offer free Telugu movies, we must warn you to tread with caution as there is a fine line between movies that are freely available to download online and those that are pirated or illegal versions. LoveToKnow does not condone or encourage illegal downloads.

There are two main ways to watch Telugu movies online. Some sites offer free streaming video, not unlike the popular YouTube. Alternatively, others may provide clips for download, and it is with these sites that you may want to be more careful as these files may potentially contain viruses and other not so nice things.

  • Online Telugu Movies: Online Telugu Movies offers all sorts of free Telugu online films, as well as music and other sorts of entertainment. There is an active forum where you can discuss Telugu flixs and music as well.
  • Rajshri: Rajshri is a popular site with all sorts of new and classic Indian movies. Watching these films online is absolutely free and completely safe, although there appear to be some animated advertisements in place that may be distracting. Alternatively, you can download these movies for later viewing, though this usually costs money.
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Telugu Movies Online