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Sky High is a family movie about Will Stronghold (played by Michael Angarano), the son of the two greatest superheroes in the world. The Commander (played by Kurt Russell) as the power of super strength and Jetstream (played by Kelly Preston) who has the power to fly are Will's parents.

Sky High Overview

Will Stronghold is sent to a high school specifically for those with gifted powers. The only problem is Will does not have any powers yet. So, at school, Will tries to find and control his new powers while dealing with the pressure of living up to his father's name.

Main Characters

While at Sky High, Will befriends some his peers:

  • Layla (played Danielle Panabaker) has been Will's best friend since second grade, and she has a crush on Will. She also has the power to control plants.
  • Larry (played by Loren Berman) is a suck-up with the power to melt.
  • Zach (played by Nicholas Braun) is Will's friend from last year with the newly acquired power to glow.
  • Magenta (played by Kelly Vitz) is a Goth girl with the power to shapeshift...into a guinea pig.
  • Warren Peace ( played by Steve Strait) is the kid villian. His father was put in jail by Will's father, so Warren is trying to get back at Will for it. Warren has the power to create and throw fire.

Main Plot

The high school friends work together in Sky High to defeat a villain from the Commanders past disguised as one of their peers.

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Sky High Movie