Scooby Doo Movie Quotes

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If you've watched television in the last 40 years, you are probably familiar with the long-running Warner Brothers classic animated series Scooby-Doo, and you likely have at least a couple of favorite Scooby-Doo movie quotes.

Scooby-Doo Background

This kids' animated series began in 1969 and revolves around the spooky adventures of a Great Dane named Scooby-Doo, his teen owner, Shaggy, and friends Freddie, Daphne, and Velma. The group travels around the world in the Mystery Machine van and liberally consume vast amounts of food, including the infamous Scooby Snacks, while solving monster-laden mysteries.

With more than 275 episodes, several movies, video games, and specials to its credit, Scooby-Doo has entertained families and spawned a number of memorable quotes.

Popular Scooby-Doo Movie Quotes

Some of the most memorably Scooby-Doo quotes are standards that were used in some form in almost every episode or movie, such as:

  • "Rut-ro!" -Scooby-Doo
  • "I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids." -Villain
  • "Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?" -typically Velma, but also heard from any one of the gang.
  • "Like, zoinks!" -Shaggy
  • Gulp!" -Shaggy
  • "Let's split up." -Freddie
  • "Jinkies!" -Velma

And who can forget this line from the Scooby Doo, Where Are You? theme song?

  • "Come on Scooby-Doo, I see you…pretending you got a sliver. But you're not fooling me, cause I can see, the way you shake and shiver." -written by David Mook and Ben Raleigh

In 2002, Scooby and the gang made the transition from animation into live action, and with it came a new batch of memorable "Scooby-Doo movie quotes, including these quirky tidbits:

  • A villain says, "I've got a bag of…uh…hamburgers for you. All you have to do is come out into the dark, shadowy part of the woods where no one can see you," to which Scooby innocently responds, "Okay."
  • "Shaggy…listen, man. Someone must have spiked my root beer last night. Talk me down, man. Talk me down." -Freddie
  • "Let's do what we do best, Scoob-eat." -Shaggy

This live action movie was such a success that Warners Bros. Pictures decided to make another one. In 2004, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed came out with a whole new collection of memorable lines.

  • "I'd love to do this all night, and something tells me you would, but it's time we make like your personality, and split." -Shaggy
  • "But you knew that, because just as you know I'm standing here, you know that I know who you know you are, which is him, who's a her, which is you." -Daphne
  • "Oh, you've touched my inner child, and he's really mad!" -Black Knight Ghost

Looking For More Quotes

If you are looking for more Scooby-Doo movie quotes, look to these resources:

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Whether you grew up watching Scooby and the gang or just discovered them in the last few years, they have likely left a mark on you, and a big part of the reason is because of the incredible ability of the show's writers to provide us with unique dialogue. The dialogue is a representation of the language of the period combined with just enough wholesomeness that you forgive the kids for being meddlesome, and you forgive the fact these teenagers never seemed to go to school or interact with their parents. They were good kids who fought for good, even at the risk of their own lives.

Take the time to reminisce with a family classic. Rent a Scooby-Doo DVD or simply read over some of your favorite quotes and recall a simpler time when there was a real person behind the mask of evil, and a dog and his friends showed the imitative to solve the mysteries that always seemed to find them.


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