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Why blow your entertainment budget on movie rentals when you can rent movies for free? It's true, while everyone else is reaching for their wallets at the rental counters of their local movie store, you could be enjoying the latest movie rentals at home without spending a dime. But is there really such a thing as a free lunch? Well, sort of. The chance to rent movies for free often comes with a few strings attached, but free movie rentals can be just the icing on the cake of an otherwise already great movie rental deal. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite movie for free!

Free Movie Rentals - The Lowdown

As was previously mentioned, when we're talking about how to rent movies for free, we're not necessarily talking about the proverbial free lunch. Most of the time, free movie rentals come as part of a customer loyalty programs at a movie rental chain, or they come in the form of a free trial from a subscription based movie service. That doesn't mean you should switch off on the idea of getting free movie rentals, however. Most of the schemes that reward your with free movies are very generous; this isn't like the 20,000 credit card points you have to save up to get a certificate for a $10 meal. Even casual movie watchers will generally find it easy to attain these free movie rewards, and avid movie fans could find themselves bathing in the free stuff. Getting in on the free movie rental action is definitely possible for all movie renters.

How to Rent Movies for Free

If you want to rent movie for free, then you need to rent your movies from places that have programs that have free movie rental programs, of course, and online movie rental groups are a great place to start. The following companies all have good free movie reward programs, either in the form of customer loyalty programs or free trials.


Netflix was one of the first companies to offer movie rentals online, and they remain one of the premier internet movie rental business. Netflix boasts a selection of 75,000 (and counting) movie titles, free delivery and free return shipping and fast turn around time of your movie rental. They have a variety of plans to suit any budget, but if you want to rent movies for free, give the Netflix free trial a whirl. For two weeks, you'll be able to watch as many movies as you can, in accordance with the Netflix plan you have chosen. If you find yourself enjoying the Netflix set-up, great, your two week trial will automatically convert to a month by month paid subscription. If you don't want to continue with Netlfix, simply cancel your membership before the end of the two week trial period, and you pay nothing.


When you rent with Blockbuster, you have a variety of ways to earn free movie rentals, whether you rent your movies exclusively in Blockbuster stores or if you use the Blockbuster Online rental program. In the stores, you can take advantage of the Blockbuster membership program, which lets you earn points towards free movie rentals every time you rent a film. The real advantages come with the Blockbuster Total Access plan, which you can join when you open a Blockbuster Online subscription. First, you can enjoy a two week free trial of Blockbuster Online movie services, which is structured in a similar way to the Netflix free trial. Then, if you decide to keep your membership active, you can join the Total Access plan.

Under this plan you can:

  • Earn reward points as you would with a Blockbuster membership account for both online and in store rentals
  • Get a free movie every time you return a rental you made online to a Blockbuster store location.

So, you can rent a movie online, watch it, and then return it to a store and exchange it for a free movie rental. You can still choose to return movies you rented online via the mail and earn reward points on that rental.

Cinema Now

The free movies on the online DVD subscription service Cinema Now work in a slightly different way than Netflix and Blockbuster. You can try a one week free trial of the Cinema Now service during which you can enjoy as many free movies as you can. However, with your Cinema Now membership, you will have access to a free movie download once a week. The free movies each week are chosen by the Cinema Now staff, and you have the option of watching the movie in a streaming video format on their website or downloading the files to watch later.

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Rent Movies for Free