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If you want to purchase old movies, then there are many different places where you can buy them. There are thousands of movies made and many of them are now available on DVD so that you can watch them anytime that you would like. Watching old movies from your childhood with your parents, friends, or even your children is a great way to bond and to relive old memories. While many newer movies are fun to watch, older movies are also fun and entertaining. The special effects might look a little out of date, but an old movie can bring back many memories, as well as make new ones for you and your family.

How to Purchase Old Movies

If you want to buy an old movie, the local movie store might not always have what you are looking for. Movie stores cannot carry very many older movie titles if the store is small. Usually newer, more popular movies are put out in favor of old movies, but if you want to purchase old movies there are many other places where you can look. Some video rental stores, for example, will sell older copies of movies to make room for new ones. Some stores that sell DVD discs or even VHS tapes will carry some old movies, though the selection is usually smaller than the selection of new movies. A few places where you might find old movies for sale are:

  • At yard sales, garage sales, libraries, grandma's attic, or a secondhand store such as Goodwill. Many people will get rid of movies when they are cleaning out their garages, attics and spare rooms. If you are lucky, they might have the movie that you are looking to buy, or you might find a new favorite.
  • Online sites such as Ebay.com, Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, Walmart.com, or FYE.com. While brick and mortar stores might not always carry the movie that you are looking for, online stores have a lot more room to store different movies and therefore they often have a wider selection of movies for you to choose from.
  • Downloading movies is a great way to buy a film if you do not want to go to a store or wait for the movie to be mailed to you. Websites like iTunes.com offer thousands of movie titles for you to choose from, and you can even put them onto your iPod or iPhone to watch on the go.
  • If you have friends or family that have a lot of movies laying around that they do not watch, asking them if you can buy them is a great way to find older movies. Some friends and family members might even give you the movies for free.

Old movies might be hard to find sometimes, but once you do find a classic, you can enjoy it any time that you want.

Why Old Movies?

There are many reasons why people might want to look for old movies. Some people enjoy that movies from earlier time periods are cleaner and more family-oriented. In many cases these movies tend to have less foul language and nudity. Other people like to collect movies from a particular actor or genre, such as old Elvis movies or Doris Day/Rock Hudson type romances.

Collectors will find that some of the more popular classics are easy to locate online and in stores like F.Y.E. and even Target and Walmart. Newly released titles arel almost always available on DVD and Blu-ray. However, more obscure titles are not as easy to locate. These are available in VHS form, if at all. These movies are found through private collectors, for example. Many collectors sell on eBay or Amazon.com, so that is a good place to begin your search.

If you cannot locate the movie you want easily, try library sales, estate and garage sales as alternate sources. Keep in mind that a VHS tape might not hold up as well as a DVD. VHS tapes can wear in spots over time or become warped and unusable with age. Whenever possible, it is best to buy a DVD or Blu-ray. If these are unavailable and you simply must have a movie that only comes in VHS, be sure to store it in an area where the temperature remains mild and constant and there is not too much moisture.

If you are interested in starting a collection of old movies, the sky is the limit. You can purchase many different genres and time periods. You may want to make some decisions before starting your collection regarding your favorite actors and types of movies to make collecting a bit easier and more organized.

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Purchase Old Movies