Pinocchio at YouTube

The world's most famous marionette is an Internet star!

Judging by the sheer number of videos of Pinocchio at YouTube, it's clear the legendary children's literature figure is still as popular as ever.

Famous Fairytale Characters

Fairytales are something of an absolute in society today. No matter what the country, language or method of translation, the classic fairytales of decades ago are as relevant now as ever before. These stories have been translated into hundreds of languages, adapted into feature films for the big screen, read to children all over the world at bedtime and had a lasting impact on anyone who has heard them. In short, they're more than just fictional tales of magic - many of them also contain true-to-life lessons that touch hearts and make a lasting impression on readers.

Perhaps no story or character embodies this notion quite as perfectly as Pinocchio. The tale of poor woodcarver Gepetto's wooden marionette is a stark lesson carved quite literally in reality, touching on topics such as poverty, hard work, honesty and devotion. While many people today recall Pinocchio as the lovable, long-nosed puppet in the Walt Disney film of the same name, in truth the character suffered quite a bit in author Carlo Collodi's original story. He is imprisoned, turned into a half-donkey and even, at one point, considered dead. These themes may surprise those who aren't familiar with the most unfettered version of the story.

Of course, the Internet has made it possible for classic fairytale characters like Pinocchio to maintain a place in the spotlight for virtual eternity. The entire book is available online, as are audio versions and video clips. Popular online video portal YouTube is responsible, in great part, for the prolific selection of Pinocchio-related media on the Internet.

Videos of Pinocchio at YouTube

A quick check of "Pinocchio" at YouTube reveals over 1200 results. That's no surprise - the character is famed the world over, and the number of views for specific videos proves this point quite well. The following is a diverse list of Pinocchio-related videos available for viewing on YouTube.

Walt Disney's Classic Pinocchio Trailer

Branded one of the "greatest films of all time" by the studio, Disney's Pinocchio was a near instant classic. This trailer showcases over a minute of the animated film, which was released in 1940. Viewers are treated to Pinocchio's memorable rendition of "I Got No Strings," (a tune that will likely be familiar to thousands of people who once sang it in kindergarten music class) and introduced to the famous Jiminy Cricket (a character who went on to enjoy stardom as a Disney classic in his own right).

I've Got No Strings (Italian Version)

The treasures found on YouTube are incomparable. True fans of Pinocchio will delight in this full-length clip of Pinocchio singing "I've Got No Strings" - in Italian! The song is also available in the following languages:

  • German
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish

Pinocchio, La Nuove Avventure

The New Adventures of Pinocchio brought the boy puppet to life on the small screen. The Italian television series was quite a hit abroad, and copies of the series are still available online (with the help of some savvy searching, of course). The YouTube clip features the full-length opening to La Nuove Avventure.

Faerie Tale Theatre

Children of the 1980s will likely have plenty of memories of watching Faerie Tale Theatre, the live action series that retold classic fairytales. Each episode featured a star-studded cast and told a well-known story. Fans of videos of Pinocchio at YouTube can catch actor Paul Reubens portray the boy puppet. The cast also includes notables such as James Coburn, Carl Reiner, Michael Richards, Lainie Kazan, Vincent Schiavelli and Jim Belushi. The entire program is available to view in six separate parts, each spanning roughly eight to nine minutes in length.

Pinocchio's Daring Journey at Disneyland

This video allows viewers to travel - however virtually - to Anaheim and vicariously enjoy a trip through Pinocchio's Daring Journey, as shot through the lens of an amateur director. The sights and sounds all reference the classic Disney film.

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