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Even 10 years later, many hearts still go on as does the quest for good online Titanic movie trivia. If you feel as though you're the only one who still obsesses about Kate and Leo flying on the bow, a quick Google search will show you otherwise.

Online Titanic Movie Trivia Sets Sail

You know it won a boatload of Oscars, but do you know what films it tied for record wins? If you're looking for quality movie trivia online, your first port of call should be the Internet Movie Database. Like nearly all the various trivia sites, items are added by users, so some things must be taken with a grain of salt. At least the administrators are mindful of additions and take care to pull anything that's wrong. They also respond fairly quickly to comments.

The trivia is organized by date added. Also, points of pure trivia are on a different page from mistakes. These are also user-supplied and in order by date, but very easy to read with such delineations as "Anachronisms" and "Factual Errors." For real film production whizzes, or those who have perhaps watched the DVD a few too many times, there are "Revealing Mistakes," "Crew or Equipment Visible" and "Continuity." Finally, there are points marked "Incorrectly Regarded as Goofs," which can be debatable but tend to be submitted by the die-hard fans or history buffs and are often the most interesting points to read.

Sites for Quizzes

Whether just for kicks, or because you really know your Titanic trivia and want to show off, online movie quizzes can be a lot of fun. Several sites provide excellent tests. You can do a general knowledge quiz, a history quiz or a quiz just on quotes from the film.

  • Fun Trivia is a place where you can create your own quizzes, rate the difficulty of the existing quizzes and accumulate points toward prizes. There's also a chat room, although if you want to discuss Titanic in depth with other fans, there are sites that will likely serve you better.
  • All the Tests is similar to Fun Trivia with user-created tests ranging from straightforward questions about Titanic movie trivia to silly fun like the Titanic character test in which you answer questions and are told which character you most resemble. Presumably, if you're a big enough fan of the film, you won't mind if you end up as a character of a different gender, so long as it isn't one of the bad guys. Users can rate the quizzes, but that's it for involvement.

Pure Trivial Pursuit

If you just want to read or discuss points of trivia about both the real ship and the film online, here are some good sites:

  • Movie Mistakes is an interactive and addictive site if you're a film buff. You can vote on the quality and veracity of the trivia.
  • Titanic-Titanic is an all-inclusive site for online Titanic movie trivia. Focusing more on the true stories of the ship, this site features a news page, newsletter, a space for users to submit articles and an enormous forum divided into several sections covering everything about the real story and the several films about the ship.
  • Encyclopedia-Titanica features lists of passenger names and any related articles about them, as well as photographs. There are articles and a very active forum with strings about all the films and a variety of other discussions.

The Never-Ending Story

Dissatisfied with the trivia and quizzes you find online? There's always room for one more. Create your own online Titanic movie trivia and attract other fans who feel that all the chat in the world will never get them to the heart of the matter, or the ocean.

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Online Titanic Movie Trivia