Online Movie Magazines

Online Movie Magazines

Movie lovers who want to keep on top of all things Hollywood will need to find the Internet's best online movie magazines. No part of popular culture carries with it as much glamour and intrigue as the motion picture industry. There's just something about the big screen that has captivated people for generations, and following celebrity gossip has become a national pastime on par with watching baseball.

In addition to the captivating personalities that surround motion pictures, the art form of the cinema is itself a rich and powerful medium that is in a constant state of evolution. So whether your interest in the movies is celebrity-based or more focused on the craft of making movies, there are plenty of online movie magazines to keep you abreast of what you need to know. Get your movie information fix.

Where to Find Online Movie Magazines

There are plenty of places to find movie news online. Here are some of the best sites out there:

  • Empire - This British movie magazine is one of the most thorough online magazines. They have special features every day, movie news, blogs, interviews, and information on future films. In addition, the site has a daily quiz that is a fun way to test your movie knowledge against your friends.
  • Film Threat - Film Threat is a website that focuses more on the craft of cinema than the gossip behind it. Here you will find information on movie festivals and reviews. Film Threat also has more information on Indie films than some sites, so if your interests are a bit out of the mainstream, this might be the site for you.
  • Movie Line - Movie Line is a movie site that is presented in blog format, so it is constantly updated with a wide range of articles. The site also has featured stories, interviews, reviews, and much more.
  • Variety - Variety is the industry standard and has long been the magazine that Hollywood insiders follow on a daily basis. The online version has all the detail and behind-the-scenes information of the print version, including up-to-the-minute box office charts, media careers, opinions, reviews, and more. There is also an extensive section on international films if your interests extend beyond the borders of the United States.
  • Entertainment Weekly - Entertainment Weekly is an online magazine dedicated to all aspects of the entertainment industry, but their coverage of Hollywood is second to none. This site has an Oscar Watch blog, a Hollywood Insider blog, information on movies that are coming soon and much, much more.
  • Movie Maker - Movie Maker advertises itself as The Art and Business of Movie Making. This site is much more interested in the technical side of film making than most and has sections on screenwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, and more.
  • Screen India - Screen India is an online magazine dedicated to the Bollywood movie industry in India. They do cover the big stories from Hollywood, but the primary focus here is on Hindi films.
  • Tribute - Tribute covers all genres of films and features reviews, interviews, and lots of trailers and other promos. They also run many contests for readers to win movie swag.

Check Back Often

The best thing about online media is that it is constantly being updated. In the past, when movie magazines were only available in print, you had to wait days or weeks to get new information. The above websites are updated throughout the day, so if any breaking news happens, they will be on the case almost instantly. You can check back several times during the day and know that you'll always have fresh content to view.

Online Movie Magazines