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Online Extreme Sport Movies


When you can't get outside or get enough of a fix on TV, there is a vast array of online extreme sport movies to keep you pumped. The only problem you may have is that you find yourself spending way too much time online and not participating in extreme sports yourself.

Skating Through Online Extreme Sport Movies

An awesome site to check out for individual movies is XTSports. You get all the latest videos and can post stuff of your own. There are clips from YouTube, MySpace and whomever feels like including something. A particularly fun and hairy movie features New York City bicycle messengers, rightly calling their work the most dangerous extreme sport there is. There's also lots of skating, cycling, kite boarding and surfing. Basically, if you're into it, you'll find it here and it will be absolutely real.

Another good site for online extreme sport movies is Wind Sports which features clips of kite winging, ice sailing, kite surfing, kite boarding and skiing. The movies are all from YouTube and Google Video and are thrillingly intense.

Straight to the Source

Of course, you can also go directly to YouTube and Google Video to search for online extreme sport movies, but the advantage of the above sites is that they've done the work for you. When you want to watch some killer boarding, why sort through a bunch of unrelated clips to get to the good stuff? Still, a specific search, like extreme martial arts, will get you some good entertainment.

Ifilm has some great online extreme sport clips, mixing the action with interviews and other interesting tidbits. The most popular movies right now feature the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the world, ultimate fighting, snowboarding, skydiving and a wicked bike crash.

The site Go Fish has recently added extreme sport movies to their collection, but so far they aren't very interesting. There are more WWE clips than anything really intense. Still, it will be worth checking back as people upload more things.

TV Video Clips

The Extreme Sports Channel has a Web site,, and here you can view several clips from past shows. You can watch the latest, vote on the greatest and enjoy whatever's popular. The resolution isn't great, and of course the video is pretty small, but if you need your fix and there's something specific you want from a favorite show, this should sate you.

Buying Extreme Sport Movies Online

So some cool clips are great, and being able to catch up on old shows is good too, but if you want the full effect of watching an extreme sport, you need a big screen and excellent resolution, which you rarely get with a free download. The easy and not too expensive solution is to buy the cool movie you've been wanting to see. Several sites specialize in extreme sport movies, so you'll never be starved for choice.

A very good Canadian site, Adrenaline Films has an awesome selection of the latest DVD releases as well as hard to find classics. You've got your choice of mountain biking, road biking, BMX, triathlon, snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding, kite boarding, skateboarding, surfing, rock climbing and more. You can view trailers to help choose. They'll even do same day international shipping.

Another good site is Extreme Sports Videos. Their prices are low, their shipping fast and their customer service is knowledgeable and helpful. In addition to the sports movies offered by Adrenaline, they've got motorcycling, snowmobiling, ATV and watercraft. They've even got soundtracks for when you're in the car or on the train and want the feel of being extreme instead.

Virtual Video

If you're not up for doing a sport yourself, but don't want to be entirely passive, try a video game of an extreme sport. UnderGround Online has a cool selection, including the latest games from the Tony Hawk collection and an assortment of fighting and stunt games. They also have a ton of clips if you get tired of playing and just want to watch. One thing is certain, that you'll never be bored.

Online Extreme Sport Movies