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Office Space

Office Space movie poster

I Believe You Have My Stapler

Anyone who has ever worked for a corporation of any kind in an office of any kind will appreciate the humor inherent in Mike Judge's film Office Space. In fact, one could easily say that Office Space does for the movies what Dilbert does for the comics page - provides a skewed look at life working for a big company.

The Plot

Based on Judge's Milton animated shorts, Office Space stars Ron Livingston (Band of Brothers, Sex and the City) as Peter, a beleaguered office worker who decides he doesn't want to show up to work anymore. Surprisingly, rather than being canned for his inattendance, Peter is actually lauded and promoted by the office's new quality control specialists. Along the way he cooks up a scheme with some coworkers to take advantage of a loophole in the company's accounting structure and unwittingly embezzles a large sum of money from the company.

The Love Interest

Jennifer Anniston in Office Space

Every hero has a love interest and Peter's is played by none other than Ms. Jennifer Anniston (Friends, The Good Girl). Her character, Joanna, works as a waitress in a T.G.I. Friday's type of restaurant and is also feeling a bit put out by the idiocy of her employers and the general system itself. After seeing her performance you will always want to make sure you're wearing enough pieces of "flair".

The Crazy Coworker

As mentioned earlier, Office Space grew from a series of animated shorts created by Judge (who is also the man responsible for both Beavis and Butt-head and King of the Hill) which featured a mild mannered but somewhat unstable character named Milton. Milton, played by Stephen Root (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Jersey Girl) simply wants to do his job and retain control of his stapler (apparently his most prized possession) but finds himself being taken advantage of at nearly every turn by the management. Especially unpleasant is manager Bill Lumburgh (Gary Cole) who continuously places insane demands upon Milton.

Office Space, A Must See

Put simply, Office Space is a must see for anyone who has ever worked in an office setting. From memos about which fax cover sheets to use to frustration at inoperable computers and copy machines, the film has a strangle hold on the absurdity that the majority of Americans experience on a daily basis. While Mike Judge says that more people ask him about this film than any project he's worked on before or since, the Internet Movie Database states that he doubts there will be a sequel because of poor box office performance. The film has gained near cult status on video. Also according to IMDB, the red Swingline stapler that Milton prizes so highly was never produced by the company. It was merely painted red by a crew member. After the movie reached such popularity on video and DVD, however, Swingline received so many requests for their stapler in red that they began to sell them on their web site.

Office Space