New Moon Cast Pictures

If you think the Twilight book series films are coming out in rapid succession, you're right. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg handed the powers that be a script for New Moon on the weekend of the Twilight film release. These New Moon cast pictures include some of the old cast from Twilight as well as a few newcomers

Robert Pattinson

Returning as the love of Bella Swan's (played by actress Kristen Stewart) life, actor Robert Pattinson nearly bowed out of auditioning for the role that would make him world famous. The British heartthrob reportedly did not believe that he could live up to fans' expectations of Edward Cullen.

Kristen Stewart

Actress Kristen Stewart has referred to acting as being a "professional liar" and has expressed interest in going to college to pursue a degree in literature. In New Moon Kristen's character Bella is caught up in a love triangle with Edward and Taylor Lautner's character Jacob Black.

Taylor Lautner

Lautner nearly lost his role of Jacob Black in New Moon due to the physical changes his character goes through in the book. As a result, Lautner hit the gym hard, gaining an estimated 30 pounds of lean muscle for the film and won his role back.

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene is slated to reprise her role of Alice Cullen in both New Moon and the next installment in the series Eclipse. Ashley and fellow New Moon cast mate Kellan Lutz have starred or have plans to star together in the films The Warrior and Summer's Blood.

Kellan Lutz

Though Kellan began his career as a model when he was just a teenager, he did not move out to California to pursue acting. Lutz attended Chapman University as a chemical engineering major. Lutz eventually left school to act and landed the role of Emmett Cullen.

Billy Burke

Actor Billy Burke worked relatively small roles in film and on television until Twilight came along. Burke plays Bella's father, Charlie Swan.

Dakota Fanning

Young actress Dakota Fanning is no newcomer to show business. She began her career at the age of five, appearing in various commercials. Fanning joins the New Moon cast as Jane, guardian of the Volturi

Nikki Reed

Before her role of Rosalie Hale was one of her claims to fame, Nikki Reed and Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke wrote the screenplay to the critically acclaimed film Thirteen.

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New Moon Cast Pictures