Movies About International Trade

International trade is featured in many films

Movies about international trade can be stimulating even though the topic might seem a bit boring. International trade movies aren't always the forefront of everything in the film. Often, there are still romantic plotlines, comedy and more genres inside of international trade action films. Tune in to some of these films if you're looking for another perspective on international trade or just want a great movie with a meaty plot!

Background of Movies About International Trade

What Is International Trade?

International trade might seem like such a weighty topic that is even a bit confusing. Even though it might sound pretty advanced, international trade is just any type of trade that occurs between different countries. Even something as simple as shipping products to or from another country can count. Often, the term is used to describe larger product trades, such as relationships between countries to obtain certain items. For example, while the United States has numerous free trade treaties with several nations, many tropical fruits imported to the US are from the Caribbean Isles.

Films About International Trade

A few films movies about international trade include:

  • Medellin: While Medellin feels more like a film about drugs and Hispanic mafia relationships, the film is actually much deeper. Much of the film exposes drug trafficking on an international scale. The consequences that occur in the film expose much of the relationships within the worldwide trade of illegal drug products.
  • This Is What Democracy Looks Like: This explosive documentary encounters not only how America's political system should be developed but also relationships with the World Trade Organization and its powers. While much of the film takes a rather critical look at the politics behind trade, the film also encapsulates how the trade relationships in the 1960's to 1970's functioned.
  • Can Tropical Rain Forests Be Saved?: While everyone wants to save the rainforest, few really realize why it's being destroyed. Trade, export and supply/demand relationships really develop in Can Tropical Rain Forests Be Saved?, bringing the foundations of this controversial issue to the surface. Much of the film tackles the amount of trade that needs to go on in order to make money for big businesses. Unfortunately, this goes on at the expense of the rainforest.
  • The Girl Who Played With Fire: Focused on sex trade in Sweden, this film addresses a different type of world trade than other films. A similar movie that also highlights human sex trafficking as a means of trade is Trade.
  • Rogue Trader: Another film highlighting ethical issues, Rogue Trader features a man sent abroad to deal with the issues that no one else wanted to handle in Singapore. The movie deals with money and how it moves through different countries as a means of currency.
  • Traders: A different type of trading film, Traders deals with an investment company that is affronted by international consequences when the company possibly flubs a deal of worldwide economic proportions.
  • World Trade Center: While many remember the film and the day the Twin Towers went down, the World Trade Center symbolized international relations. The film breaches these topics, as well as the effect the terrorist attack on these buildings had on the nation.
  • Amazing Grace: Another type of trade out there is human trade (or slavery). Though slavery has been abolished, Amazing Grace demonstrates the time period where it was not. In the film, the main character looks to get to the top of English government in order to stop the trade of slavery. The film focuses on what happens along the way.

A Final Thought

Ironically, movies are a large part of international trade. Bollywood movies are sent all across the world as are numerous US films from 'major' stars. In fact, popular series like Harry Potter are some of the hottest internationally traded products out there. Sometimes movies are more true to life than they may seem!

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Movies About International Trade