Movie Sanitizer Filters for Rental Films

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A movie sanitizer, filters for rental films and other parental controls make it possible for you to enjoy many popular movies--without all of the gratuitous sex, violence and especially language that gets added.

Movie Sanitizer, Filters for Rental Films and Other Parental Controls

Do you enjoy renting movies but find that often times directors add unnecessary scenes filled with steamy lovemaking or cursing that you'd just rather not see? Or do you find yourself ever saying that the movie was good save for that one scene? This is an increasing problem among families whose viewing choices are more conservative. The dilemma is that unless you want to always watch Disney cartoons, your viewing options may be very limited if you rule out movies that have too much cursing or a few too many steamy sex scenes. Sadly, cursing, sex and violence fill our movie theatres, and the reality is that they sell movies.

However, there are some options to families whose viewing preferences are very conservative. With newer technology, it's possible to have words and potentially objectionable scenes edited out of a movie, making it more enjoyable or even allowing for a younger audience depending on the theme.

T.V. Guardian

The T.V. Guardian has a DVD player and a box to sit on top of your television as well. It works by reading the closed caption signals. It does have a few limitations:

  • It does not work with DVD/VCR combos.
  • It does not work if there is a mistake in your closed captioning signal.
  • Because it reads the closed captioning signal, it does not work if the program or movie rental does not have closed captioning.

This is a good option especially if you have young children and you are concerned about them hearing or picking up and repeating words from the television.

Clear Play

A DVD player with Clear Play technology is probably the best movie sanitizer. Filters for rental films sometimes edit out language or violence, but Clear Play technology allows for numerous edits that are done so well, you won't even realize that something was edited out.

First you have to buy a DVD player that comes with the equivalent of a memory stick. You also pay for a membership so you can go to Clear Play's online library of filtered movies and download the data onto your memory stick. Then you insert the memory stick into the DVD player. You can choose to watch unfiltered movies or a filtered version that is based on the movie rating system. (For example, you could choose to watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith as a PG movie.)

This works with movies whether they are rented or bought. It doesn't work with television.

Pre-Edited Movies

While T.V. Guardian and Clear Play are the two technologies that allow you to rent or own any DVD and edit out objectionable material while you watch, there are numerous companies who offer edited versions of popular movie titles.

Purified Pictures

Purified Pictures can turn many R and PG-13 movies into those with a PG rating with their careful editing. You can send them the films you want edited and they will send the new version back to you (along with the original), or order the original move from them in addition to your edited copy.

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