Movie Rental Stores


With the advent of Netflix and Blockbuster Online, movie rental stores are upping their game offering more and more competitive pricing to try to entice members. The major video rental store is Blockbuster. Hollywood Video trails considerably behind Blockbuster, but still has a small presence in some states.

All About Blockbuster

This movie rental store has it all. Not only are there Blockbuster stores everywhere, there is also Blockbuster online (the competition to Netflix) which makes renting from them even easier. Plus they have games to rent, movies to buy, and so on. Blockbuster has the monopoly on the fine art of renting videos.

Blockbuster Stores

Blockbuster has the monopoly on movie rental stores because they've mastered the idea of selling a complete movie night. Blockbuster has movies to rent for around $5 per movie depending on your local store. In addition, they also sell previously viewed DVDs at a considerable discount, in case you're not into renting. So when you go to pick up that movie, you can also pick up a bucket of popcorn, a 2-liter of Pepsi and an assorted variety of candy as well.

Blockbuster Online

To sweeten the deal and to compete against Netflix, Blockbuster began offering a program that's known as Blockbuster Online. You pay a monthly fee to have a certain number of movies mailed to you at one time. Then you are free to return that movie either to the store or via the mail. When you return the movie to the store, you can check out another movie. The value in this program is that you can watch as many movies as you can in one month for the monthly fee, thereby decreasing the price per rental.

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Some Advantages to Using a Movie Rental Store

With the advent of programs like Netflix, you might wonder why would anyone want to still get themselves all the way to the store when you could have movies delivered to your door. There are, however, some distinct advantages to renting in-store as opposed to through the mail.

  • Store only specials--There are still a variety of good deals to be had in the movie store that you can't get anywhere else.
  • More parental control--When you rent within a store, you can often set controls on who rents what. If you have teens in the house, you can set your account so that they can only rent movies that you approve of them seeing.
  • Personal Relationship--In an age where everything is digital or over the computer, sometimes people want to deal with a real live person.

Some Advantages to Netflix

The day and age of the video rental store however, may be coming to an end. Netflix offers a wide variety of movies, quick turn around service, reasonable prices, and they're delivered right to your door. With surging gas prices, not having to drive to the video store may make renting DVDs a bit cheaper.

Another advantage to Netflix is that they also have an online program and many movies are available to download instantly for you and your family to watch. While the instant downloads are generally not the latest blockbusters, there is quite a selection of older movies and cartoons, making it a very kid friendly option.

Resurgence of the Small Stores?

Will the small local video store ever make a resurgence against the giants of Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, and Netflix? Or will families begin to turn off the television and move towards games and other cheaper forms of entertainment? Some have suggested that in an age of downloadable movies and easy access, the next wave of rental entertainment will be download stores where you can download movies that you rent without having anything mailed to you or having to go to the store!

Movie Rental Stores