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Magic School Bus Movies

Not all school buses are magical!

Looking for Magic School Bus movies and information so that you can know more about this now-defunct television series? An educational book series turned into videos, the Magic School Bus was one of the first video adventures out there for kids that made it easy for kids to learn more about the world of science. The comical and educational experience didn't just help parents occupy their children, but also helped parent and child alike learn more advanced science concepts.

The Book Series

Were you a fan of the Magic School Bus book series? The book came about when author Joanna Cole and Bruce Degan, senior editorial director at Scholastic (the publisher of the famed book series), began work to combine science with Cole's previous body of work in a new way. The result was the Magic School Bus.

Many of the characters in the books are alo included in the videos such as:

  • Mrs. Frizzle: The off-the-wall, avant-garde instructor whose lessons for students often involve shrinking their inconspicuous school bus down to the size of the object they're learning about for an impromptu field trip. Her red hair and outfits are styled to match whatever adventure the class will be having that day. She is energetic, passionate and often her students' favorite teacher ever.
  • Liz: A little green lizard, Liz is a match between Mrs. Frizzle's pet and the class pet. She is special and can drive the bus, in addition to speaking (though she doesn't let the kids know this), and can act as guardian of the classroom.
  • Arnold: A nervous, red-headed boy, Arnold is often the only downer on school trip days. He worries frequently about what can happen to them and wonders if he should have stayed home that day.
  • Carlos: An interactive learner, Carlos often creates different devices that other students learn from or that are used to help get the class home from a difficult adventure.
  • Dorothy Ann: Looked at as the smartest of all the kids, Dorothy Ann loves to read and learn and often educates the class.
  • Keesha: Clever and sarcastic, Keesha is the link between the more 'rational' kids like Dorothy Ann and the more 'imaginative' children like Ralphie.
  • Pheobe: An animal lover, Pheobe is still trying to get used to the way that Mrs. Frizzle's class works.
  • Ralphie: The daydreamer of the bunch, Ralphie is often the student who learns the most in each episode and most appreciates the class' random trips.

Find Magic School Bus Movies

Looking to find the Magic School Bus movies? Don't worry, there are numerous places to find the films including:

  • Sqool Tools: If you're looking for videos that cover a particular science topic like chemistry, engines or weather, this site will quickly take you to the Magic School Bus video that will help you best.
  • Allegro Media Group: Looking to purchase some of the longer and more popular videos? You can at this site, which features the ability to buy The Magic School Bus Catches Waves among other features.
  • OV Guide: Featuring most of the productions, OV Guide is a great place to watch these kids' favorites online for free.
  • Amazon: One of the best known sites for purchasing just about anything, Amazon is lucky to have a great selection of videos to purchase in this amazing series.
  • Scholastic: The publisher of the books also has much information on the videos, such as links to to where to purchase and a brief synopsis of features.

A Final Thought

For those looking to match children's education, movies and their own interest, The Magic School Bus creates a unique opportunity to do so. [[Free_Kids_Cartoons_Movies|Cartoon imagery]], clever dialogue, and plenty of learning match up to provide a great video series that children will want to watch time and time again.

Magic School Bus Movies