List of Summer Movies

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What would the warmer months be without a list of summer movies to help get you inside and out of the sweltering temperatures? Plan a fun family outing, a romantic date, or a night out with the girls around a list of the newest films. If you don't have to see the newest flicks, check with Regal to see a list of movies you can watch absolutely free.

Find a List of Summer Movies

The best place to find out what's hot at the theaters is through any of the popular movie websites.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is a big name in movies, and it doesn't disappoint when it comes time to look for new releases for summer. Browse movies by month for May through August in the Summer Movies section and find out more about who stars in the movie, who directed it, what the movie is about, and more. You'll also be able to see how the movies rank on the Tomatometer if you need to make a movie decision based on a quick glance rather than a long review. You can also read quick reviews by top critics on the site for a better idea of why a movie ranks the way it does on the Tomatometer. The summer movies selection is set up in slideshow form with shots from the films with the ability to click for more information.


MovieFone lets you check out the current and upcoming summer movies in more than one way. There's a list of summer movies scheduled to be released from May through August, by date, as well as the ability to click for show times, blog posts, and trailers. You can also see the latest summer movies and check how well they are doing in theaters if you need help deciding whether or not to pay theater prices for tickets and concessions or just wait to rent or download it later. If you fearlessly read reviews despite the potential for spoilers, you can find those as well. There is also the option to narrow down your movie picks by category-they even mention the Indie Sleepers amidst the talk of the summer blockbusters.

The Movie Insider

The Movie Insider has an easy to follow list of movies planned for summer. They're listed by release date and clicking on a title will give you information on total box office earnings, director, cast, genre, length, and a synopsis. You'll be able to conveniently view teasers and trailers from that page and see additional information about the movie, like what a story was based upon (for example, 2010's Marmaduke was based on a newspaper comic strip). If you're interested, going to the New Upcoming Movies page will also show you upcoming movies beyond the summer. Want to refresh your memory on what came out the previous year? You can check that there, too, even sorting by genre.

Yahoo! Movies

Yahoo! Movies is another option for finding your summer flicks. You'll be able to easily locate show times for your local theaters, see which movies are hot right now, watch trailers and clips for current and upcoming movies, and more. When you click on a movie title, you'll find reviews, photos, who stars in the film.

Why Search for Summer Movie Lists

If you're a total movie buff and you don't want to miss out on any of the films anyone in your life will be talking about, you'll need to be armed with a list of movies, release dates, and show times. If your tastes are limited to specific genres, you can limit your search of just those to find the list of summer movies in which you'll be the most interested. Do you want to narrow your list down? Conveniently, you'll be able to read reviews straight from several of the sites, either in short form or more detail, so you can cross some off when you're short on time or cash.

List of Summer Movies