Kids Christian Movies on iTunes

Kids Christian Movies on iTunes

One of the best things technology can offer religious families is the ability to find kids' Christian movies on iTunes. In the last decade, digital media has grown in popularity and it won't be long now until people receive nearly all of their media in the digital format. The online media store iTunes began selling music, but has since branched out to include TV shows and films. Their catalog gets bigger every day, and has started to include some great Christian films for children.

What is iTunes?

The application iTunes was the first digital media player to effectively infiltrate the mainstream. Created by Apple and originally available only on Macintosh computers, the application has become a widely successful and useful tool that both Windows and Mac users can now enjoy.

In its earliest releases, iTunes only dealt with audio files. Users could load songs onto the iTunes application and then transfer the songs to their iPod portable music player. Later, the application became a way to interface with the iTunes music store, a place where users could legally purchase digital music and download it to their computer. Once Apple released a line of iPods that allowed users to watch videos, iTunes expanded as well, and today people can buy, download, and watch films on their computer all within the iTunes application.

Finding Kids' Christian Movies on iTunes

The challenge for people looking for kids Christian movies in iTunes is that the application makes it somewhat difficult to find this genre of films. You can browse by the following genres: Action & Adventure, Classics, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Horror, Independent, Kids & Family, Music, Romance, Sci-fi & Fantasy, Short Films, Sports, Thriller, Western. You will notice that there is no way to search for religious or Christian films specifically, so users looking for these kinds of films on iTunes need to get more creative. There are Christian films on iTunes, but you just have to put in a little more time to find them.

The first approach involves browsing by the genre that is closest to Christian out of the list of possibilities. Browsing by genres is a way of putting a sort of filter on iTunes that will only show you the films that relate to the specific genre you want. When you are trying to find Christian films, the most logical place to start is probably going to be Kids & Family. Once you're in this section of the application, you won't see any horror films or other types of movies that are not what you are interested in. This is good; the problem is, you still have a large number of films to sort through that are not all going to be Christian oriented. With a little patience, you will certainly stumble upon some great kids' Christian movies.

The other approach is a bit more complicated, but might work better in some instances. In this approach, you would begin your search with specific films in mind. For example, let's say you were looking for a Veggie Tales movie. When you open iTunes, you would type Veggie Tales into the search window at the top. If the film is available, it will appear in the main window. If it is, you're in luck. If it's not, you're back to the drawing board. You will have to repeat the process over and over until the movie you want is available.

Be Patient

The application iTunes has shown a penchant for continual evolution. It has grown and expanded in many ways since its original release. Most likely, their search feature will eventually get more complex and will include the ability to filter searches by a religion or Christian genre.

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Kids Christian Movies on iTunes