July DVD Releases


While many will make the best of the summer sun and starry nights to commune with nature, it is nice to know July DVD releases will offer a brief respite from the boredom of rainy times and days when you just can't drag yourself out of the house.

The Libertine

Celebrate Independence Day with the July DVD release of The Libertine. Johnny Depp plays John Wilmot, the second earl of Rochester, a womanizing drunk and minor poet during the 17th century. While Depp gives an amazing performance, this movie is not made for everyone. It delves into the dark, destructive side of human nature in such a way that leave you depressed and a bit angry to see a man with such talent so thoroughly destroy himself in the prime of his life.

Other notable actors in this unforgettable historical drama include John Malkovich and Samantha Morton.

The Libertine is scheduled for DVD release on July 4. Rated R for sexual content, language, and violence, this movie is best viewed after the kids are fast asleep.

The River's Edge

Originally released in 1957, the July DVD release of The River's Edge will bring back fond memories for Anthony Quinn fans. He stars with Ray Milland and Debra Paget in this intense western. Quinn and Paget play a young couple trying to make a go of it on a New Mexico homestead, when along comes Milland in a dastardly plan to break up the couple. Trouble ensues as this love triangle struggles against the land and each other for survival.

The River's Edge is scheduled for release on July 11.

Film Noir Classic Collection, Vol. 3

Fans of Film Noir won't want to miss the DVD release of Film Noir Classic Collection, Vol. 3. In this collection you will receive the following Classic Movies:

  • A Gun in His Hand (1945) starring Tom Trout, Richard Gaines, Anthony Caruso
  • Border Incident (1949) starring Ricardo Montalban, George Murphy, Howard Da Silva
  • Forbidden Passage (1941) starring Addison Richards, Wolfgang Zilzer, Hugh Beaumont
  • His Kind of Woman (1951) starring Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, Vincent Price
  • Lady in the Lake (1947) starring Robert Montgomery and Audrey Totter
  • On Dangerous Ground (1952) starring Ida Lupino and Robert Ryan
  • The Racket (1951) starring Robert Mitchum
  • Women in Hiding (1940) starring Marsha Hunt and Jane Drummond
  • You, the People (1940) starring C. Henry Gordon and Byron Shores

Look for Film Noir Classic Collection, Vol. 3 in stores on July 18.

Final Destination 3

In this third installment of the Final Destination horror movie, fans are once again reminded that you can't outrun your destiny indefinitely, but you can sure give it the old college try, and what could be more fun than running for death in an amusement park on a rollercoaster?

Final Destination 3 was released in theatres earlier this year (2006) and is scheduled for DVD release on July 18. It is rated R for violence, gore, language, and nudity.

Ask the Dusk

No month would be complete without a romance. Ask the Dusk (2006) stars Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek in the adaptation of John Fante's Depression Era novel. Hayek plays a Mexican beauty who marries above her station. Farrell portrays a struggling writer, and together they draw the audience into the angst and romance of this film noir.

Ask the Dusk is rated R for sexuality, nudity, and language. You can find this movie in stores on July 25.

Also Mentioned July DVD Releases

While July is not filled with great DVD releases, you will find many television favorites making their way to the little round disk, including:

  • The Boondocks - First Season (July 25)
  • The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (July 18)
  • Charlie's Angels - Third Season (July 4)
  • Reno 911 - Third Season (July 11)
July DVD Releases