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Inspirational DVDs don't necessarily have to be religious in nature. Anything that speaks to you as an individual can be inspirational. The following mainstream movies have affected many lives over the years and continue to do so:

Peaceful Warrior

Nick Nolte plays a serene gas station owner named Socrates who seems to be in tune with everything. He's fast, thoughtful, and wise. When college gymnast Dan Millman, played by Scott Mechlowicz, badly injures himself he chances upon Socrates one night. Socrates attempts to take the cocky athlete under his wings in order to rehabilitate Dan physically and mentally.

Through Socrates teachings, Dan takes up gymnastics again in order to try out for the Olympic team. During the course of the climb back to excellence, Dan occasionally forgets that there are other things in his life that he should focus on. He concentrates solely on making the team. Peaceful Warrior is one of the latest inspirational DVDs that conveys its message loud and clear--and well. The acting is great; even Nick Nolte is moving, despite your preconceptions from his earlier works.


A young albino man is kept from the outside world for years. Not by choice, he can't be in sunlight for extended periods of time with his skin exposed. When his uncle dies, Powder (Sean Patrick Flannery), is forced to attend a school for troubled kids and forced to acclimate himself to the world. Jeremy Reed has special powers though. He's able to harness electricity in ways that scare his classmates and intrigue his case worker (Mary Steenburgen) and a teacher (Jeff Goldblum of Independence Day).

Powder examines how someone spiritually different can survive in a world of cruelty. Basically, he can't, according to this movie. Powder only wants what he has known for 17 years: home. Everyone tells him that it isn't possible because he is different…he is not 'human'. If you want an unpredictable movie with an ending you can't see coming, then watch Powder.


Phenomenon is an inspirational DVD similar to that of Powder, except John Travolta accidentally runs into his powers. George Malley (John Travolta) is a car mechanic who is celebrating his birthday one night. As he stumbles from the bar, he sees an unbearable white light hurtling towards him. Over the next few days, he discovers that he has super-intelligence and telekinesis powers. Word spreads quickly and he is considered a freak. Everyone is confused on how this could happen to a mechanic while the government wants George for other, evil uses.

Phenomenon was nominated for seven awards, from the MTV movie awards to the Blockbuster Entertainment awards. There's a reason for this: there is a great acting, wonderful and tear-jerking scenes and a soundtrack that will move you. You can forget that John Travolta did Battlefield Earth…and you won't forget this movie.


A young man against all odds, Rudy wants to play football at Notre Dame. He's small, slow, and can't keep his grades up. He has the drive of five NFL players and the spirit of competition, and he fights hard to join the team.

With such a simple story, you figure that nothing can be made from it. Sean Astin (Rudy) is determined to prove everybody wrong and that's where the movie is made. Rudy's determination and the obstacles thrown at him immediately make you root for him until the moment he steps on the field for Notre Dame.

Dead Poet's Society

Robin Williams stars in this inspirational DVD that is one of his best dramatic works. John Keating (Williams) is brought in to replace a retired teacher. Keating is young, full of life and pushes individualism onto some of his students through poetry. Todd Anderson (Ethan Hawke) and his roommate Neil (Robert Sean Leonard) are affected the most. Todd releases his shyness in a great scene of improvisational poetry and Neil challenges his father so he can do what he loves the most: acting.

Robin Williams, recently in Night at the Museum, is an awesome performer in any style of movie. Dead Poet's Society showcases his dramatic side as he mentors those students who want to go against the status quo. Hawke and Leonard, as well as their classmates, change their lives in different ways. All learn that you have to 'carpe diem', or seize the day.

Be Inspired by Inspirational DVDs

Inspirational DVDs should do many things. They should make you laugh, cry, cheer, and make you think. If they don't do that, then they probably weren't inspirational. A lot of uplifting movies are independent and see the light of the Sundance Film Festival. Peaceful Warrior is the most recent movie that has affected many lives. You may have to go back to the 90's or early 2000's to find other movies that will change the way you think.

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