Ice Age The Meltdown


Ice Age: The Meltdown does what a family movie ought to do - it makes us laugh.

Ice Age The Meltdown Overview

The animated sequel to Ice Age finds Manny the mammoth, Sid the sloth and Diego the saber-toothed tiger peacefully hanging out… until they realize the ice is starting to melt and their home glacier valley will soon be a bowl of cold soup. This good-hearted crew warns all of the residents of the valley and starts a caravan to a fabled boat, far, far away.

Along the way, the trio meets up with Ellie, a misguided but lovable mammoth, voiced by Queen Latifah. Manny is ecstatic to meet Ellie, since he worries that he is the last of his kind. Unfortunately, despite her heft, Ellie believes herself to be a possum, like the pair of mischievous possums with whom she was raised. Ellie's "brothers" Crash and Eddie offer some of the best comedy in the movie, constantly engaging in good natured chicanery and general goofiness. Regardless of her species, she teams up with our heroes in an effort to find safety and dry land.

Need a little more action? The whole Meltdown movie is intercut with sequences in which a prehistoric squirrel attempts to secure an elusive acorn,, oblivious to the peril surrounding him.

Excellent CGI

Like many animated films today, both Ice Age movies were computer generated. While the artistry may not be as perfect as that in the Pixar films (Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and the Cars), the technology was seamless and the imagery was both stunning and amusing.


Manny's voice is performed by Ray Romano, Sid's by John Leguizamo and Denis Leary lends his tones to Diego. The film was directed by Carlos Saldanha, who was co-director of the original Ice Age movie.

Ice Age: The Meltdown - A Mother's Review

While many kids' movies are too insipid for adults to really enjoy, and some family films have so much that is over the children's heads that they can't really appreciate it, Ice Age The Meltdown finds an appropriate balance. It kept the kids enthralled while entertaining the adults. Unlike Clifford or Heffalump, I was not peering into the darkness at my watch, waiting for time to pass more quickly.

The film is well-paced and snappy, with constant fun, excitement and humor.

Despite the PG rating, I took my somewhat timid 4 ½ year old daughter to see The Meltdown in theaters. Lest you think I am generally permissive, let me assure you that this was her first PG movie. After speaking with several friends who had already seen it, we decided it was appropriate fare. She loved the movie, laughing consistently. Although she did find some scenes scary, nothing was fearsome enough for her to hide her eyes or provoke nightmares or problems later. One of her bolder friends later pronounced the whole Ice Age Meltdown movie "hysterical" and denied that there had even been tension-filled parts. So, whether your child is bold or more tentative, this is probably appropriate viewing, especially if you wait for it to come to DVD.

Note that you do not have to see the original Ice Age to enjoy Meltdown, but seeing the sequel may send you running to the video store just so you can have more of the fun…

Need more family entertainment? Try Over the Hedge or Disney's The Wild and let us know how they compare.

Meltdown DVD

As of May 2006, the DVD release date has not been announced, but realistically look for it in early fall.

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Ice Age The Meltdown