How to Rent Movies Online


Deciding to rent movies online is a convenient way to save time and money without leaving your home.

Traditional Movie Rental

As most people may know, movie rental shops can be found in most cities. You can visit the store, pick out the films you would like to watch, and pay a certain rate for the number of days you're allowed to keep the films. Many movie rentals go for as much as $5.00 per movie, and you can only keep them for three to seven days. If you keep your movie longer than the allotted time, you'll have to pay a late fee. You also have to drive back and forth from a movie rental store, which can cost both time and money.

The advantage is you can get your movie instantly and sometimes you can get special discounts by participating in membership offers. You get to walk around the store to see all of the selections, and take your time mulling over your choices. You may have entered the store intent on renting a specific film, but perhaps walked out with a couple of additional titles you never would have even thought of. Clearly the neighborhood movie rental place has its benefits.

New Online Movie Rental Sites

Online movie rental stores are different because you don't have to leave your home to pick up your movies. When you order a movie, you will receive it in the mail within a few days. Online movie rental stores are subscription based. In order to participate, you must pay a monthly membership fee. As part of your membership, the store will send the first film on your list. In most cases, the movie arrives within a couple of days and you can keep it for as long as you want without penalty. When you are finished with one, you can send it back. Another movie will be sent to you, as soon as the first one is received.

Many members find they can rent 12 or more movies a month if they so desire, with the option to buy. If a member wishes to keep the movie, he can tell the rental company, who will charge the price of the movie to the member's account. The company will then send another selection from the list, as it will no longer be considered a "rented" film.

Movie lovers find this is convenient alternative to having to physically visit the rental shop.

How to Rent Movies Online

To get started, research a few different online movie rental places. There may be differences in fees, movie selections, policies and the number of films you can rent at one time. Compare each company and find out what is the better deal for you. You may find some online communities of movie lovers who will have recommendations.

Once you find a website you feel comfortable with, it's as easy as signing up and picking the movies you want. The movies are generally shipped the next business day and arrive in your mailbox. You can select as many films as you want to watch, you will get only the number of films as in the agreement. For example, Netflix, one of the major online movie rental companies, will send three or four films from your list at a time.

In all, there are benefits and faults with online movie rentals. It can be inexpensive and save time, but you are often limited in the number of movies you can rent. You may also find you don't watch a dozen films each month and as a result, can't justify the fee.

Online Movie Rental Companies

  • Netflix - Rent movies online and keep them as long as you like.
  • Blockbuster - Your agreement includes optional movie rentals at their many locations nationwide, as well as getting movies in the mail.
  • You Can Rent Movies Online - But Should You? - This article by the Washington Post offers insight and a small listing of other options for renting movies online.
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How to Rent Movies Online