How to Buy a Movie Script

If reading scripts is your hobby, you can find a lot available for purchase online.

If you want to know how to buy a movie script, you're in good company. Many collectors and screenwriters in training like to purchase movie scripts. Most collectors are looking to get part of Hollywood history or are banking on the future value of a movie script. Beginning screenwriters use movie scripts to learn more about the craft of writing a movie.

By far, the most popular place to buy movie script is online. Movie scripts used to be traded in auction houses or just distributed for free. These days you can find virtually any script for any movie by searching online. There are a few popular places to buy scripts.

Auctions for Scripts on eBay

Looking for scripts on eBay is a natural thought for most people. eBay has a lot of collectible items and you can find a variety of different scripts for sale at any given time. Normally the sellers try to schedule auctions for when a movie is being released in the theaters or on DVD.

Although the supply may be a lot less, you can often find better prices on scripts that aren't in high demand. Try searching for scripts while a movie is still in production or after it has been released in the theaters or on DVD for a few months.

You can choose from signed scripts, bound scripts and script drafts on eBay. As with all other purchases on eBay, you should buy from a seller with good feedback. Make sure to read all descriptions carefully. Some signed scripts are actually color copies of signed scripts and not originals. Don't be afraid to ask the seller questions if you aren't sure what you are buying or want to verify the authenticity of the script. This is an essential part of how to buy a movie script.

Buying Scripts in Book Form Online

Many popular movie scripts are released as bound books by the production companies. If you want to know how to buy movie scripts that are official versions, this is the way to do it. You can search at the following online bookstores to get movie scripts delivered right to your door.

How to Buy a Movie Script from an Auction House

If you want a movie script that has an authentic signature, one that is rare or one that is collectible, you may want to look at a private auction house. These auction houses post their information online and make their auctions available to anyone who wants to pay the price.

Unlike eBay, with auction houses there is a specific date of the auction. You'll need to place your bid via phone, fax or e-mail. If you have questions about the process, it's best to call the auction house prior to the start of the auction to get advice on the process.

Scripts from Direct Script Sellers

There are many websites online that cater to selling scripts in PDF format. These are normally used by screenwriters who are learning how to put together scripts. Reading lots of scripts is part of any good scriptwriter's education. Reading scripts can give screenwriters insight into how to develop structure, character and plot throughout the script.

The following sites have scripts for purchase in PDF and other electronic forms:

These scripts are available for download once you purchase them from the site. They need to be saved on your hard drive in order for you to access them later.

No matter how you want to use movie scripts, you can find the scripts that you need from these resources. Now you'll never wonder how to buy a movie script again. .

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How to Buy a Movie Script