How to Become a Movie Producer


Learn the steps you need to take on how to become a movie producer.

About Movie Producers

Movie producers not only create how, when and where a movie is to be filmed, but they are also in charge of the following tasks:

  • Making deals with distributors
  • Hiring production help
  • Shopping out the script to investors
  • Making advertising decisions
  • Deciding on how to market the film

The movie producer is on the set for the entire film from the first scene to wrapping. With all the tasks producers have to accomplish both on and off the set, it's easy to see why they tend to have any number of assistants.

Different Kinds of Movie Producers

For any given film, there are different kinds of movie producers to fulfill different roles. Take a look at the following types of producers and their general job descriptions:

  • Producer - The producer performs all the tasks described above and generally has the greatest amount of control over the film and its production. This includes hiring and firing the director.
  • Executive Producer - This is a sort of "back of the house" role. The executive producer takes care of more of the administrative duties like financing.
  • Associate Producer - These producers are there to share the producer job responsibilities.
  • Assistant Producer - These people are the assistants to the associate producer.
  • Line Producer - The line producer is in charge of taking care of many of the day to day operations on the set of the film.

There are a few other types of producers, but if you're trying to learn how to become a movie producer, those are the main ones.

How to Become a Movie Producer

Hollywood is beyond competitive and it seems that nothing came easily to anyone who has become a huge Hollywood success. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and talent (of course a little bit of luck can't help). Here are some steps to get you on your way to producing the next Hollywood blockbuster:

Film school

Going to school isn't going to get you a guaranteed job in movie production, but it certainly isn't going to hurt. Most people in the industry recommend that someone who wants to be a producer have some sort of formal education and training. Film school allows you to learn all the intricacies and technical aspects of movie production and better prepare you for you first big gig.

Work Your Way Up

Getting a job at a movie studio and working your way up the proverbial corporate ladder is the way many of the most well-known producers got their start. Take a job as a script reader, script analyst, story editor, in the mailroom or any other job in which you can get your start to becoming a movie producer. If you choose this route, make sure to let it be known that you have your sights set on film production.

Talent Agent

Another way to begin your career as a film producer is to become a talent agent. This allows you to network among actors, actresses and movie studios and learn how the film industry works from the inside out. Along with working their way up, many well-known movie producers got their start in the film industry working first as agents.

If you're not up to the task of becoming an agent right off the bat or if you feel as though you need to become more acquainted with the duties of a talent agent, consider becoming a talent agent's assistant. If the aspect of becoming an agent's assistant is kind of scary to you because you've watched too many episodes of Entourage, remember, not everyone is like Ari.

Production Assistant

The production assistant's job is basically a glorified gopher and is often thought of as a difficult and thankless job. It may very well be, but it is also a great way to get your start learning all of the varied movie production processes.

In such an outrageously competitive field, you must have a lot of patience and dedication to become a movie producer.

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