Hot Bollywood Scenes

Sexy Bollywood Scenes

Those who like their movies rich in steamy romance can find plenty to appreciate in hot Bollywood scenes. Bollywood, of course, refers to the massive Indian movie industry that carries almost as much cinematic influence worldwide as Hollywood. Every variety of film genre that Hollywood produces is also produced by Bollywood including action, adventure, drama, horror, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, and romance. This last genre is particularly rich in the Bollywood canon of films, and many romance films include sensual love scenes.

Some Notable Stars in Hot Bollywood Scenes

Check out some of the most notable actors and actresses in steamy Bollywood scenes and then watch a few of them online:

  • Sanjay Dutt - Sanjay Dutt is a hugely successful Bollywood Actor whose films run the gamut from action to romance. Check out the film Daud to see a hot scene with Dutt and actress Urmila.
  • Udita Goswami - Udita Goswami is a tall, beautiful Bollywood actress who made the leap from modeling to the big screen in the sexy film Paap and has never looked back. Another film of hers with great hot scenes is Zeher where she shares a steamy exchange with actor Emraan Hashimi.
  • Manisha Koirala - A social activist and goodwill ambassador, Manisha Koirala's diverse career has also included her work in some steamy films like Bombay and Guddu.
  • Akshay Kumar - Known as the most famous action hero in Bollywood, Kumar has shared sexy screen time with some of the most beautiful women in the Indian film industry. Check out his work with Mamta Kulkarni in Sabse Bada Khiladi and his steamy scene with Katrina Kaif in Humko Deewana Kay Gaye.
  • Meghna Naidu - Originally discovered in a music video, Meghna Naidu has appeared in some extremely sexy movies like Hawas and Bad Friend.
  • Rakhi Sawant - One of the most popular sex symbols in Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant's career began as a cabaret dancer until she found fame in the film industry. She reveals her sexy attributes in the hot film Malamaal Weekly.

Where to See Clips

  • YouTube - YouTube was the Internet's first video clip sharing site, and it remains the best resource for anything you might want to see including hot scenes from Bollywood. Over 18,000 hits come up that relate to Bollywood and sexy scenes, so there are plenty of clips to choose from.
  • Bolly Clips - This site has all kinds of Bollywood clips including clips for films with sexy scenes. This is a great resource for all things Bollywood, so be sure to bookmark this one if you are interested in Hindi films.
  • Dailymotion - This website offers a video compilation of the top 10 Bollywood bed scenes.

Different Interpretations of Hot

For some, a hot scene in a film can be two lovers in a romantic comedy sharing a passionate kiss in the rain. Other film fanatics have a different idea of what constitutes a hot scene and might want to see more revealing content when they are browsing for sexy clips. Depending on your tastes, you might have to spend some time sifting through a number of clips to find exactly what you are looking for. Be patient as there are plenty of types of hot Bollywood scenes available for a wide variety of cinematic tastes.

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Hot Bollywood Scenes