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Hindi movies are big business, bigger than perhaps most people in the US realize. The film industry in India, which is commonly referred to as Bollywood, is booming because people take their entertainment very seriously. The culture simply loves movies and the industry is more than happy to deliver what fans crave.

Introduction to Bollywood

Bollywood refers to India's largest and most popular film industry. Despite common belief it does not in fact account for all of India's cinema, as there are other industries including but not limited to Tamil, Teluga, Bengali, Malayalam and Kannada. A simple 90-minute feature rarely satisfies an Indian audience, so most films released by Bollywood studios are at least two hours long. In addition, Bollywood plots typically revolve around melodramatic themes such as love, greed and betrayal.

Hindi in America

Americans tend to be highly critical of foreign films, and yet they've managed to develop quite a fancy to Hindi films. The industry is so popular in the states in fact that many Bollywood films can be obtained right from your local video rental store.

Watching Hindi Movies

Numerous companies on the Internet offer Hindi movies, but they each have different terms and conditions. Some require you to sign a contract agreement and pay a recurring fee, while others charge you for each individual rental. A few companies even provide older Hindi movies entirely free.

Subscription Services

  • Big Flix contains dozens of Hindi titles like Rann, Shaitan and Aarakshan that you may watch or instantly download to your PC, tablet or mobile phone. The company charges Rs. 249 (or approximately 5 USD) per month. Without a subscription, you're limited to only the first 10 minutes of any particular movie.
  • Netflix is a video rental service geared for Americans that features hundreds of Hindi titles from the 20th and 21st centuries. The company offers two services. You may watch films through any streaming device for $7.99 a month, or if you'd prefer to receive DVDs, then you can upgrade your service for an additional $7.99.

Pay As You Go

  • Sling TV (now housing Blockbuster movies) has hundreds of new and old Bollywood titles that you may rent for just $4.99 each, though you must return them within 7 days of their arrival. Though more expensive than Desi Company, BlockBuster offers a larger selection with more recent titles.
  • CinemaNow app includes a limited selection of Hindi movies for $3.99 apiece. The company's supply is so limited, however, that Hindi titles aren't organized in any particular fashion. Instead, they've been lumped in with all the other foreign selections.

Watch for Free

  • Bharat Movies features a mixture of recent and older Hindi films that you may stream from your computer. Beware, however, as some of their advertised films don't actually work. Some that do work include Agni Varsha, Madhubaala and Jeene Ki Raah.
  • Rajshri serves its visitors with a large collection of Bollywood films, songs and television shows, including but not limited to Vaastav, Iqbal and Lanka. The site also features news clips regarding the latest entertainment news from India.
  • Bolly Clips offers a variety of Bollywood, Tamil and Teluga videos organized by categories such as action, classic, comedy, drama, family, horror, romance, suspense and thriller.

Buying Hindi Movies

If you'd like to purchase Hindi movies you may either scour your city or the closest metropolitan zone for a Hindi shop, or you can just buy them online. While the latter entails paying for shipping, you'll have a much wider selection from which to choose.

  • DVD Dhamaka hosts over 5,000 Bollywood DVDs and Blu-ray discs available for prices ranging between $10 and $30, depending on the film title and format.
  • Indian CD DVD Online features 9,000 Hindi CDs and DVDs, including newer titles like Agneepath and best sellers like Guzaarish. More importantly, this company ships to numerous countries, including the United States, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, India and every nation in Europe.
  • WebMall India contains nearly an entire century's worth of Bollywood films ranging from the 1940s to the current decade. In addition, the store ships to nearly every country in the world.

Branching Out

Hindi movies offer wonderful talent and intricate plot lines, not unlike their Hollywood counterparts. The next time you're looking for a great drama, action flick, or family adventure film, consider picking up a Hindi movie to see why they have become so popular around the world.

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