What Are Hentai Movies?


Hentai movies are shocking for most who encounter them. In America and much of the Western world, the Japanese term hentai is used to refer comics, cartoons, and animations that are pornographic and/or extremely violent in nature. Much hentai art is created in Japan or mimics the anime style popularized by Japanese artists and animators. The word hentai, in Japanese, translates to mean "perverted" or "perversion" and is used to describe a person or a person's actions rather than the art style that it has become associated with in other parts of the world.

Hentai Movies

In the 80's and 90's, anime films and television programs from Japan started gaining an audience in America. As the average fanboy's hunger for more and more Japanese anime grew, it became apparent that part of the attraction was that most anime dealt with mature themes and often included graphic scenes of sex and violence. These were not the Saturday morning cartoons that the anime fans had grown up with. It didn't take long for American anime fans to learn that Japanese anime (or "japanimation" as it was often called in the early days of its American popularity) had another darker and more perverse cousin. These hentai films were not simply more mature versions of anime; they were actually works of pornography.

Often set in fantastic worlds and featuring some of the most amazing artwork available in any animation medium, hentai movies exist solely for the purpose of inciting lust, just as traditional photographic pornography does. Unlike "regular porn", however, hentai films often feature themes which are taboo (or even illegal) in most social settings. While graphic depictions of sexual acts between males and females are not that shocking to most people anymore, they are just the tip of the hentai iceberg. Common themes in hentai can include far more than just "straight sex". Homosexuality is a common theme; as is rape, pedophilia, bestiality, and other subjects that would land a pornographer behind bars were they filmed with actual people instead of cartoon drawings.

Hentai Art Style

Most hentai is patterned after the popular Japanese anime or manga artistic styles. These usually include, but are not limited to: underaged female characters, male characters with toned physiques, characters with overly large eyes, female characters with excessively large breasts, and characters with spiky, unnaturally colored hair. Hentai movies also usually include excessively large depictions of male genitalia as well. Female genitalia is often drawn very laciviously with engorged, open labia and indications of extreme moisture. In fact it is not uncommon to see drawings of females who are literally dripping from their vaginal areas or leaving small puddles of moisture on floors and other surfaces.

Extreme Hentai Movies

There seems to be a bit of unofficial competition between hentai artists to try and create more extreme scenes than any that have come before. Artists will try to top each other by creating hentai that is more shocking, more enticing, more lurid, or more arousing than anything other artists are doing. This is why extreme and irregular sexual situations come into play as often as they do.

One way hentai artists will try to shock their audiences is by using familiar characters in their work. As such, it is not uncommon to see hentai depictions of Lara Croft (from the Tomb Raider games), Sailor Moon (a popular children's anime character in the US and Japan), and even some Marvel Comics super heroes. These images and movies are created, of course, without the permission of the license holders, but it is often difficult for the owners of those character rights to seek legal action because a lot of this type of hentai is produced anonymously.

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What Are Hentai Movies?