Harlequin Romance Movies

Women are Harlequin's largest demographic

Harlequin is not as well known for their movies, many of which were produced in the 1990s and early 2000s, as they are for their line of romance novels. Their films are often seen on television, and many are now available in Harlequin sets: look for them at Amazon or other online movie retailers.

Diamond Girl

In this film, a playboy lawyer helps his dowdy paralegal assistant, Claire (Dyan Cannon), change her style and then sets her up with his brother. Things get complicated when the playboy realizes he's in love, too.

At The Midnight Hour

At the Midnight Hour begins when Elizabeth is hired to help mysterious scientist Richard care for his son Andrew after the unexpected and eerie death of Richard's wife. But when one of Richard's former flames comes to visit, Elizabeth begins to suspect his motives, even as she realizes she has fallen in love with him.

Loving Evangeline

Loving Evangeline follows Richard after he loses his brother, Kevin, in a boating accident and travels to Nova Scotia to investigate. Who, and what, he finds there will change his life -- and his heart -- forever.

Broken Lullaby

In Broken Lullaby, Jordan wants to know more about her family's Russian past and sets out to discover the truth behind a photograph of a child with a jewel-encrusted Faberge music box. But the photo holds more secrets than even Jordan suspects, and death may get in the way of love.

Another Woman

Lisa was left in a coma after a terrible attack and wakes to remember nothing of her previous life. She had been a loving and sweet woman, but something had gone wrong with her marriage and her personality. Although her husband had planned to divorce her, he realizes his wife may be back to the woman he fell in love with. But is it too late for both of them?

Treacherous Beauties

Anne hopes to discover why her brother was murdered, but while investigating the crime she falls in love with Jason, who knows more about the killing than he should.

The Awakening

When Sara helps a private investigator find lost antiquities, her dull life is turned upside down. Flynn helps Sara not only find a criminal but also love and adventure.

The Waiting Game

Two art gallery owners are invited by a collector to his mysterious home where they meet two men who seem to be searching for something. The women become pawns in a deadly game of hide and seek.

Hard to Forget

A private investigator searching for clues to a murdered woman discovers her double and falls in love with her. But is he solving a crime or causing one?

Recipe for Revenge

Based on the novel, Bullets Over Boise, Recipe for Revenge follows Carly as she caters a meal, witnesses a murder, dodges bullets, and falls in love with a dashing detective.

A Change of Place

When twins change places and one is accused of theft, the other has to find answers while falling in love with the dashing member of a fashion house. Rick Springfield is the romantic interest in this mystery.

Who Is Harlequin?

Harlequin is the international leader in romance books and associated titles and releases more than a thousand new books annually to international markets and in 26 languages. Purchased in 2014 by the News Corporation, Harlequin imprints now include historical, romantic suspense, erotica, series novels, paranormal romance, and lots of happy endings.

Love and Romance

Readers love romance novels and expect intriguing plots, attractive heroes, plucky heroines, and happy endings. Luckily, Harlequin is more than capable of bringing those things to movies. From mysterious tales to classic love-lost-and-found stories, Harlequin romance movies are just as true to love as the novels.

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Harlequin Romance Movies