Hard to Find Movies on DVD

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Whether it's an old movie or an obscure one, it gets frustrating when you are looking to buy hard to find movies on DVD.

Which Movies Are Hard to Find?

If you are simply looking for a new release or a popular older movie, those are easy to find. As a matter of fact, you could probably walk into your nearest video store and purchase it off the shelf. It's when you fall in love with a lesser known movie, whether it's old or new, when it becomes increasingly frustrating trying to find them on DVD. If you are looking for a foreign film, well, that becomes even more difficult. There are a few avenues you can travel in order to procure these hard to find movies on DVD. Keep in mind, while traveling these avenues, you do have to have a bit of patience and expect to pay just a little bit more cash to purchase these films. Here is a quick list of DVD's that may be harder to find than others:

  • Foreign films - Lesser known foreign films are notoriously difficult to lay your hands on.
  • Art house films - Art house films rarely go into wide release so generally only a small number of DVD's are made of these types of movies.
  • Collector's editions - Some films make limited release collector's editions that include bonus footage, outtakes or interviews with the cast and crew. These collector's editions are only sold for a short period of time and if you didn't buy the DVD during that time period, they are difficult to find.
  • Out of print films - Some films, mostly older ones, have gone out of print, so DVD copies are almost impossible to find. However, many studios that own the rights to these films are slowly beginning to make them available on DVD.

The above examples are just a small sampling of the typical hard to find movies on DVD. These movies may be hard to find, but definitely not impossible.

Locating Hard to Find Movies on DVD

Your local video store may not keep a whole lot, if any, of these types of movies in stock, but there are plenty of online stores that do. No matter if you are looking for a classic horror film like The Blob or a foreign love story like The Scent of Green Papaya, you can bet that you can find it online. Here are a few great places to help get you closer to finding these types of movies on DVD:

  • Movies Unlimited - This website offers new films in High Definition DVD format as well as Blu-Ray. Movies Unlimited offers a huge selection of out of print films (films in which the manufacture has stopped making them), such as the anniversary editions of Breakfast at Tiffany's and West Side Story.
  • 20th Century Vintage - This website offers films on both DVD and video. Plus, if you can't seem to find the film you are searching for, then you can give them a call and they will try to find it for you.

Because of the switch from VHS to DVD, it has taken manufacturers awhile to make classic and lesser known films available on DVD. Many of these manufacturers focused on producing the big box office blockbuster films as opposed to rare or hard to find films. Now, with the DVD format beginning to shift to Blu-Ray, you may find that these types of films are even more difficult to locate. Eventually though, the manufacturers seem to catch up and fulfill the demand for these films by offering them in DVD format, it just takes a bit longer.

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Hard to Find Movies on DVD