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Halloween Movies for Children

Halloween can be family friendly!

One of the best things for kids to watch when the leaves start to turn and fall sets in are Halloween movies for children. October is the perfect time of the year for the ghoulish antics, fright, and delight that Halloween movies made for younger children can bring.

A List of Halloween Movies for Children

If you've been trying to find some great Halloween movies for children or just a few low key Halloween flicks that you can enjoy without all of the gore, try some of these on for size!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

While the Nightmare Before Christmas spends a lot of time on Christmas, the film is focused on Halloweentown and the Pumpkin King himself, Jack. The town looks forward to the fright and terror that Halloween brings and enjoy the holiday with Jack as their leader. The clay-animated film finds protagonist Jack gravitating towards Christmas after an accidental experience. However, Halloweentown is still on a bender to frighten children. How will the two ends come together?


Casper is known as the friendly ghost. In this 1995 comedy, Casper and Kat (a young girl played by Christina Ricci) have a lot of fun while trying to keep Casper safe and sound.

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown might be known for his Christmas special but in this pumpkin-centric movie, Charlie Brown awaits the arrival of the Great Pumpkin. Much like Santa Claus, Charlie Brown and Linus assume the Great Pumpkin will be arriving on the eve of Halloween. Are they right?

The Addams Family

In this fright-filled, slightly kooky film, the Addams family tries to make the rest of the world accept them and their morbid ways.

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Wallace and Gromit might be known for their stop animation selves but when the Giant Vegetable Competition produces a frightening, Were-Rabbit character, it becomes their job to stop it before things get too far out of hand!


Similar to Tim Burton claymation films, Coraline instead tells the tale of a young but eerie little girl. One day, she finds a door that brings her to a magical place full of love and affection. But then the door is locked. How will she ever get back to where she needs to be?

The Witches

Based on the book by the famed children author Ronald Dahl, the movie involves a woman looking to get rid of all of the children in the world. Her method? Turning them all into mice! Will she succeed? Only the movie can tell!

Pooh Heffalump Halloween Movie

When Tigger convinces his young friend Roo that there is a Goblin who will be out to get him on Halloween, he sets out with a friend to face his fears and learn the value of friends.

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion stars Eddie Murphy, a hardworking father who finds himself trapped in a house with his children. Of course, the house is haunted and they must deal with trying to get out before it's too late!

The Corpse Bride

When a man's corpse bride comes to life again, the movie presents plenty of laughs and spooks.

Monsters, Inc.

While not a Halloween film per se, Monsters, Inc. is a great film to watch around the season. One of the things that make people think of Halloween is fright. In the film, the monsters work so hard to scare little kids, but one child changes everything. The most established scarer then becomes interested in making the young girl smile. But will fright be replaced with delight?

A Final Thought

For some people, Halloween movies are unappealing because they are filled with too much horror. But with such a great variety of films out there--everything from Disney's Halloween to movies for kids--there is something out there sure to delight everyone.

Halloween Movies for Children