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When you think of funny Valentine's movies, romantic comedies probably pop into your mind. They have very similar plot formulas: boy meets girl; boy woos girl; boy does something stupid and funny to mess up the relationship with girl; then boy somehow wins girl back. So grab your other half, a couch, and the remote for Valentine's day and get romantic, or comedic if you prefer.

Notting Hill

No matter what funny Valentine's movies you think of, you will undoubtedly name one with Hugh Grant. In Notting Hill, Grant plays William Thacker, a bookstore owner who unwittingly falls for superstar actress Anna Scott, played by Julia Roberts. Anna is growing tired of the paparazzi and uses Thacker to hide out when it's convenient. The problem is that she too is falling in love. There are some touching moments between Grant and Roberts and hilarious scenes with Grant and his dolt roommate, Spike, who is played by Rhys Ifans.

Notting Hill follows the typical romantic comedy formula of boy meets girl, boy wants girl, boy's roommate screws up phone messages, and boy must redeem himself by finding any way to get to girl. It's a good cuddle-on-the-couch movie. Oh, don't forget the British to English translation book.

Failure to Launch

While not the best funny Valentine's movie, Failure to Launch is a sexy and funny movie and best watched as a couple. Deep down, all men are like Matthew McConaughey's character, Tripp. Men want to still be around their moms to be taken care of, fed, and clothed. Tripp attempts outrageous antics to make Sarah Jessica Parker's character, hired by his parents to make Tripp move out, break up with him.

It's more of a power struggle between the two main characters as they unknowingly get closer and closer until they realize that they are meant for each other. As said before, watching this movie alone may actually annoy you. There is a running joke about Tripp getting attacked by animals that gets irritating after the second one, but as with most of the funny scenes in the movie, they are only funny when watched with someone.


If you want a charming and funny Valentine's movie, watch Serendipity. More romantic then comedy, there are some humorous interactions between John Cusak and his friend Jeremy Piven. A romantic comedy with John Cusak is sure to be quirky but it is also sure to be super-charming. Cusak plays Jonathon Trager, a man who's about to be married and meets Sara Thomas in a department store as they shop for Christmas gifts. They playfully fight over a pair of leather gloves they both want. They decide to go for coffee amidst failed attempts to get the counter salesperson to mediate successfully and find out they have a cosmic connection. Alas, they must part and to test destiny, Sara writes her number of a $5 bill and tells Trager that if it is serendipity he will receive the $5 bill at some point.

What is wonderful about this movie is that you see each character fight with themselves about whether they are at the right points in their lives with the right people. You also get to see how they deal with it and how they step up and make their own future in order to get destiny to end how they want it to.

You've Got Mail

Tom Hanks…Meg Ryan. That's all you need to know. It's not Sleepless in Seattle. It's the sequel of sorts, You've Got Mail. Tom Hanks plays a big box bookstore mogul who is opening up a new store near Meg Ryan's mom-and-pop shop. Wait, in Nora Ephron irony, Hanks and Ryan meet online and chat and chat and chat, spilling each other's guts out about life, love, and relationships. Ryan even vents to Hanks about the new store coming in and how it's trying to push her out of business. Enough information is left out and this allows Hanks to step in and offer to help her.

Well, you know what happens next: they cross paths as businessman and small business owner and Hanks has a change of heart. Ryan is steadfast though and keeps Hanks away from her store and her heart…but only for a little while. The methods that Hanks uses to win Ryan's heart are timeless and will make you say "awwww".

Funny Valentine's Movies Forever

The above four movies are love classics for the modern movie fan. Each move represents 90 minutes of time you can spend with your Valentine cuddling and snuggling and, dare it be said, canoodling.

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