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Nothing is guaranteed to give you a bigger belly laugh than funny flash movies online. All you need is the Flash Player plug in for your browser and a fast processor in your computer to download and view funny flash movies online by the dozen!

What Is a Flash Movie?

A flash movie isn't a movie that is super fast; rather it is a video format that uses the Flash Player plug in. Adobe Systems created this file format that was originally known as Macromedia Flash Player. This particular format allows most browsers and operating systems to show movies with a .flv extension.

Where to Find Funny Flash Movies Online

Once you have verified that you have the Flash Player installed on your computer (and most movie sites will alert you when you don't), it is time to go in search of funny flash movies online. Luckily, there are literally hundreds of sites that have free videos for the browsing.

Popular Websites

There are several well-known websites that offer Flash movies to the casual online surfer. These include:

  • YouTube--if you haven't already joined this site, now may be the time since they have thousands of funny movies for the browsing. Beware--this site is incredibly addictive!
  • JibJab--find funny videos, cartoons and more on this comedy website. Create an account and share your own brand of humor.
  • Google Video--easily find any funny video by choosing favorite categories
  • Yahoo Video--search by featured, new, animated and popular funny movies
  • My Space--search for funny videos using the search box on the main page of this site

Off the Beaten Path

Simply using the search term funny flash movie in your browser window will yield dozens of video sites. Not sure where to start? The following are a few favorite sites that feature funny and sometimes bizarre videos worthy of exploration.

  • Funny Part--offers videos, pictures and jokes
  • Kill Some Time--just as many funny videos as there are ridiculous ones on this site

Upload Your Flash Movies

After you've been surfing the flash movie sites for a while, you may want to upload your own movies. Whether you have funny animal or people videos, or a combination of the two, you are sure to find an audience for your digital films.Most flash movie sites offer free memberships so you can upload and enjoy movies in minutes. Be sure to read the membership agreement before you begin uploading your videos though.

Most professional sites ban particular types of movies if they are offensive, show illegal behavior or are pornographic.

If you want the most traffic and comments on your funny flash movie online, keep it to under 5 minutes, make sure it really is funny and not gross, and give it a really catchy accurate title. Following these simple rules will garner your film lots of attention, and it may spur you on to create more funny videos!

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Funny Flash Movies Online