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If you enjoy watching salsa dancing, or would like to learn the art of salsa yourself, you may enjoy the many available free salsa movie downloads. There are a number of websites where you can easily download both free salsa performances and instructional videos.

Learn How to Salsa Dance

One of the best ways to learn salsa dancing is through the use of instructional videos. Many people who are interested in learning the basics of salsa enjoy the privacy and convenience of video-based instruction. There are a number of online resources for salsa training, many of which provide free instructional movies you can download.

You can find free salsa training videos on the following websites:

  • Each month, features a different free salsa video lesson, taught by two-time USA and World Salsa Champion, Salomon Rivera.
  • Salsa & Merengue provides very detailed instructional dance tutorial videos at no cost. Users can download a series of salsa dancing training videos, with instructions in English or Spanish. In addition to the salsa movies, instructional videos about rhythm, movement and merengue dancing are also available for free download.
  • Visit Salsaroc: Salsa Shines to download a free beginner level salsa dancing video lesson. The easy-to-follow instructional video clips will help you master the art of salsa dancing faster than you thought possible.
  • There are several free instructional salsa video clips available for download at

Enjoy Viewing Salsa Dancing

Many people enjoy viewing salsa dancing competitions and performances. Those who enjoy dancing can learn new moves from watching highly skilled salsa dancers. Many others like to watch salsa videos simply because they enjoy the sounds and sights of Latin music and dance. There are a number of online resources where anyone who wants to download free salsa dancing videos can do so.

Here are a number of websites where you can download or view free salsa movies:

  • To see the moves of some of the best salsa dancers, watch the Plodiv 2007 salsa dance competition.
  • features lessons from professional instructor Tenia Raeni Worick.
  • Visit Salsa Loca where you can download clips of Denmark's Salsa Loca band in concert, which feature performances by 10 of the best salsa dancers in the country.
  • Those who just can't get enough salsa will enjoy viewing the clips from ''Hot Movies for the Salsa Addict'' at
  • This unique Oriental Salsa movie highlights a unique form of salsa dancing, which is a cross between salsa and belly dancing.

How Do I Use Free Salsa Movie Downloads?

When you download a movie, it is saved to your computer's hard drive. You can then watch the movie via software that allows you to view movie files. Some computers have movie viewing software pre-loaded, so you may have what you need even if you have never viewed a movie download before. If not, you may need to download an application before you can start watching your free salsa movie downloads. When you attempt to download a movie, your computer will notify you if additional software is needed to complete the process.

You can download the software needed to watch most movies free. The two most popular video players, Windows Media Player and QuickTime can be found at, along with several other video player applications.

The Best of Salsa for Everyone

You can learn from or watch the performances of the world's best salsa dancers via your computer, at any time that is convenient to you. Any time you have online access, you are just a few clicks away from enjoying a free salsa movie download.

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Free Salsa Movie Download