Where to Watch Free Online Latin Movies

Latin Movies

Latin movies are beloved the world over for the strong storytelling and excellent production values. The world of Latin cinema is available at your fingertips, and you can stream or download a great variety of films whenever you want to watch one. With a little know-how, you can be watching free online Latin movies in no time at all.


SnagFilms shows advertising-supported movies, including a wide variety of Latin films. Independent films and documentaries are this website's specialty. Some of the movies that are offered here include The Day of the Dead, Harvest of Empire, Salt of the Earth, Condor Crux, Elvira, and Amigos. It has a nice selection of movies, but don't expect too many modern big-budget, blockbuster films. Full-screen viewing options are available.

SnagFilms has been going strong since its summer 2008 debut. It can be accessed online or through its app, which was chosen as an "App of the Day" by Gizmodo. While closed-captioning is not available for most of the Latin films that are currently available, the company has said that it does plan to work towards including this on all films in the future.

To watch movies on this website, simply click on the cover art of the film that you want to see. Once the new screen opens, click "Watch Now" and enjoy your film. You will have to watch advertisements as a trade-off for the free viewing, but the ads support the site as well as the filmmaker that created the movie you're viewing.

Free Documentaries

If you are looking for a documentary or other educational Latin film, you may want to peruse the appropriately titled Free Documentaries website. It offers a plethora of choices, including The Revolution, The Take, and The War on Democracy. What's also cool is that you can watch most of the movies in their full-screen glory.

It's easy to watch movies on Free Documentaries. You simply click on the cover art for the film, then you can view a full synopsis and trailer to decide if it's the movie you want to see. If you decide to view it, simply click on the movie box and start enjoying the film either in the automatic window or in full screen.


Hulu offers every kind of movie imaginable, and its selection of free online Latin movies is extensive. Users are able to rate the movies after they've been viewed, so you can see what the average user-based rating is for each film before you decide to watch it. Also, since you can customize the ads that are shown on the website, you won't be subjected to any inappropriate or offensive ads, and they are minimal compared to a lot of other free viewing websites. Also, full-screen options are available on all the films.

This eclectic website offers original Latin programming that is made just for Hulu, such as Deadbeat. It also offers popular Latin flicks like La Vida Loca, Red Shoe Diaries, Circo, and The Valdemar Legacy. You can see movie stars like Salma Hayek in films like The Colonel.

Watching these films is easy. You simply browse the options under the Latino tab of the website or type the name of the movie that you want to see into the site's search bar. When you click on the cover art for the film you want to see, the movie will then start playing after an advertisement.


At Archive.org you can enjoy a selection of Latin movies that have fallen into the public domain. Movies that are available in Spanish on this website include The Scarecrow and La Pata de Mono. While it does not offer the massive sea of choices that some sites provide, you don't have to worry about commercials or other distractions when watching these public domain films.

Since this is a fairly busy site, there are plenty of ratings and reviews for most of the titles here which will allow you to learn more about your chosen film before you commit to watching it. Free downloads for most titles are offered in addition to streaming choices. A full-screen option is available for most films.


PopcornFlix currently only offers two Latin films: La Soga and Mamitas. The website is ad-supported, so you do have to sit through commercials during the movie, but the ads aren't excessive. When you find the film that you want to watch, simply click on the cover art, and you'll then be asked to enter your birthday. You will then be taken to a screen with details on the movie, where you can choose to begin watching after reading more about it. Full-screen options aren't available at this time.

For films on the go, try the handy PopcornFlix app which is available for the iPhone and iPad.

Stay Tuned

Latin cinema is growing in popularity, so your choices for viewing these fantastic films online will only continue to expand as well. Meanwhile, keep an open mind as you search for Latin movies online. Some independent films and documentaries can stand head to head with big blockbuster hits. Check them out on these websites, and you may soon be watching some of your new favorite films.

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Where to Watch Free Online Latin Movies