Tips for Getting Free Movie Pass Tickets

Enjoying the Movies

While free movie tickets are not always available, there are a few ways you can get in to see flicks without having to shell out your hard-earned money every time you go to the theater. You may be surprised to discover how many different ways there are to locate no-cost movie passes.

Mystery Shopping

Providing mystery shopping services is a good way to receive free movie tickets, though you'll need to be prepared to work a little in exchange for your no-cost entertainment. Theater companies and those that advertise in theaters often enlist the services of mystery shopping companies to ensure that theater locations are following corporate guidelines.

As a movie mystery shopper, you'll be provided with a set of guidelines to follow and questions to answer about your theater experience, in exchange for which you'll be provided with no-cost tickets and possibly free concession items and a small amount of additional compensation. Note that you will have to pay for your tickets and any other required items up front, with the expenses reimbursed upon assignment completion.

In order to be considered for movie theater mystery shopping assignments, you'll need to register and be approved as an independent contractor shopper with companies that have clients in this market sector. A few legitimate companies to consider include:

You can learn about other companies that may have movie shopping opportunities from the mystery shopper forums on Note that a real mystery shopping company will never charge you money to register or wire you money in advance. Any so-called offers you find that ask for money or banking information to send you advance payment are scams.

Theater Reward Programs

As with many other consumer-oriented businesses, movie theater companies are very concerned with cultivating loyal customer relationships. Because of this, they often offer reward programs that provide movie-goers with an opportunity to accumulate points that can be applied toward free movie tickets or concession items. Note that each program has a daily maximum on point accruals.

  • Regal Crown Club: With the free Regal Crown Club program, you'll receive a credit for each dollar you spend at a Regal theater. Concession rewards begin at 50 points, and once you earn 150 credits you'll be eligible for a free movie ticket. This program applies to Regal, Edwards and United Artists theaters.
  • Carmike Rewards - Join the Carmike Rewards program for free and earn one point for every dollar spent. You'll be eligible to start receiving rewards once you've accumulated 80 points, though a higher point value is required for a movie ticket. This program is exclusive to Carmike theaters.
  • Cobb Moviegoer: With the Cobb Moviegoer program you'll earn two points for each movie ticket purchased. Once you have earned 100 points you will receive a free movie ticket, or you can start trading in point values as low as 10 for free concession items.
  • AMC Stubs: To join the AMC Stubs rewards program you'll need to pay a $12 fee. However, the program includes benefits not included in the no-cost programs. For example, for every $100 you spend at a participating theater, you'll receive a $10 voucher to apply toward tickets or concessions. You'll also enjoy free size upgrades on concession items every day and a waiver of any Fandango fees for tickets purchased online. The program applies to AMC, Loews Cineplex, Magic Johnson and Star theaters.

Community-Based Programs

It's not unusual for local libraries and community activities programs to periodically offer no-cost movie showings that are open to the public. These events are often publicized in the newspaper, on library or city event websites or social media profiles, or via activity websites like

An examples includes the summer movie series at the Marnie Branch Library in Fort Bend, Indiana. Check listings in your area to see what might be available.

Movie Previews

Depending on where you live, you may be able to occasionally receive tickets to attend free movie previews. This is most likely if you live in or near a very large metropolitan area. One of the best ways to find out about these types of opportunities is to follow the Volition New Movie Promotions page and join the movies mailing list mentioned on the page.

Special Offers

Watch the Fandango Free Movie Tickets and Special Offers page to keep up with the latest opportunities to earn or win no-cost movie passes. Options may include special deals for credit card purchases, gift with purchase options for movie/brand cross-promotions, sweepstakes entries and more. Check back regularly, as offerings change very quickly.

Entertainment Savings

Be patient and diligent, and keep your eyes open in your quest for movie freebies. If you love going to the movies and are willing to put some time and effort into seeking out freebies, you just may find that your efforts are rewarded. When you can't find a freebie, you can save a little bit off the cost of admission by going to a matinee instead of an evening showing - or stay home and download a free movie to watch from the comfort of your own sofa.

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Tips for Getting Free Movie Pass Tickets