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If you need a monologue for an acting job for acting class, then getting free movie monologues could be your best option. The movie monologues are from popular movies and they are very recognizable. You usually don't have to set up the scene. You just have to bring your skills and abilities.

What is a Monolgoue?

A monologue is a speech by a single speaker and dominates a conversation or, in the case of a play, usually relates some inner emotion for the audience to witness. A monologue can be minutes long or even hours long, especially if it's a one-man show. Most monologues run about 3-5 minutes, just long enough to convey feeling or to move the plot along.

Where to Find Free Movie Monologues

  • Colin's Movie Monologue Page. You can find hundreds of free monologues from many movies include Oscar winners, independent films, and blockbusters. Some of the monologues are only available upon request, as those specific ones may need permission or special rights given.
  • IcomedyTV has a few movie monologues that you can use for free, like The Blues Brothers. There are other movies scattered throughout the site, but you will have to do some deep searching. Otherwise you can find hundreds of monologues from comedy acts and other types of videos, such as popular YouTube videos.
  • is another resource. You'll be able to find dialogues from almost every movie in their database. When you find the movie you think you'd like to speak from, just click on Quotes for a listing of some of the popular lines and speeches from the movie. IMDB can be a quick way to find a line or speech from some of the most popular movies in the world.
  • At Actorpoint you can find a large database of movie monologues for free geared and listed towards women, men and children. You'll be able to find all of the genres listed: comedy, adventure, drama, and even animation. Most of the monologues run between one and three minutes.


Wherever you can find a movie script, you can find a monologue. You can make any part of a script a monologue, especially if it's from a script that you really like. Visit some of the following script sites to find scripts from your favorite movies.

  • Simply Scripts is probably one of the two most popular script sites on the Internet.
  • Drew's Script-O-Rama is the other site that most people defer to when they are looking for a script. This site has been around since 1995.
  • Internet Movie Script Database does not have any affiliation with the Internet Movie Databasae. You can find recent movie scripts right on their front page as well as hundreds of other movies and TV shows. You can read the scripts right in your web browser.

Picking a Monologue

If you are going to pluck a monologue out of a full script here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure only one character is speaking or in the scene.
  • Keep the monologue between one and three minutes.
  • Find a monologue that focuses on your strength. For instance, if you are good at comedy, then do comedy. Of course, keep the monologue relevant to the real reason you are needed a free movie monologue: an acting job, an audition, etc.
  • Compare more than one monologue from the same genre so you can pick one that you like.
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