Are There Free Movie Downloads for PSP?

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The Sony PlayStation Portable is designed for more than just playing video games. The PSP is also a very good portable handheld for watching videos on the go. Buying a lot of movies can get expensive in a hurry, so seek out free movie downloads to watch on the PSP instead.

Free Public Domain Movies for PSP

While there are some newer releases, particularly documentaries, that are legally available for free through various sources online, the vast majority of the free and legal movie downloads online fall under the public domain. The selection may not be quite as current as the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but there is still a great deal of classic entertainment to be enjoyed. From free kids movies to comedies, there's something for everyone.

When downloading a movie to watch on the PSP, ensure that you get the MP4 or AVI version, as these are the formats that the PSP supports.

There are over 3,600 feature films available as free downloads through These movies all fall under the realm of public domain, so the vast majority will be from the first half of the 20th century. Some of the most popular movies offered through the site include:

Hundreds of public domain movies are available from the appropriately named After downloading the movie of your choosing, you can then load the video file onto a memory card or directly to the Sony PSP for viewing, just as you would with loading music files onto the PSP. Some highlights from this site include:

While the films are not organized by category, there is a search utility available on the site.

Entertainment Magazine Online

The Entertainment Magazine Online free movie catalog at lists hundreds of free movies that, while still older titles, may be more familiar to a mainstream audience. Some notable titles include:

The library can be listed in alphabetical order, but it may be easier to browse through the different movie pages for categories like musicals, travel, adventure or family.

Buy Movies from the Official Store

You may feel limited by the public domain movies that are available on the Internet. If you want to have a broader selection of movies to watch, there are two official, paid alternatives for you to consider. The PSP has a UMD slot and can play movies in this format. These discs are not available through most conventional retail channels anymore, but there are some places where you can still find them including GameStop and eBay.

Another official channel worth exploring is the Sony Entertainment Network. Many of the movies listed on the Sony website are directly compatible with the PSP, but expect to pay prices comparable to buying regular digital downloads through other sources. Purchase prices for new movies are typically in the $15-30 range. This is hardly free, but this is the easiest legal way to get the newest movies on the PSP.

Download Legally

Downloading music and TV shows from unauthorized torrent sites and other sources on the Internet can land you in a very complicated and challenging legal situation. By and large, the websites that claim to allow you to download movies for free are illegal, particularly when it comes to movies that are still in theaters or ones that have recently been released on DVD or Blu-ray. Downloading and watching movies on the PSP falls under the same kind of law and jurisdiction. They can be illegal and they can be dangerous for your computer and other types of connected hardware. Always stick with trusted sources for all of your downloads.

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Are There Free Movie Downloads for PSP?