Free Internet Movie Channels

Free Internet Movie Channels

If you love watching movies online, finding free Internet movie channels can help you get the right films at the right price. Now that most Internet providers offer reliable high-speed connections, most people who have the Internet can stream or download whole movies from their home computer with no difficulty.

Where to Find Free Internet Movie Channels

Check out these great websites where you can locate and watch movies for free.

  • YouTube -- The Mecca for online video content for the last several years has been YouTube. Their movie channel website is organized by genres, and their content consists of both popular mainstream films as well as underground indie films and documentaries.

Some of the most popular films being streamed include Slacker, the independent classic shot in Austin, Texas by filmmaker Richard Linklater, Super Size Me, the scintillating documentary about one man's experiment eating McDonalds for every mean for thirty days, and The Blue Lagoon, the sexy coming of age film starring a young Brooke Shields. These films are all free, but they include commercials that appear intermittently throughout the films.

  • Hulu -- Another site that has been giving YouTube a run for its money in recent years is Hulu. Originally known for showing TV shows online, Hulu has branched out and now streams Internet movies as well. Some of the popular films available are The Big Hit starring Mark Wahlberg, Hard Times with Charles Bronson, Polish Wedding starring Claire Danes, and Waking the Dead with Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connelly. Hulu also has documentaries and movie trailers that are all free to watch.
  • AOL - AOL has become another great resource for free Internet movies. Some of the most popular titles available at AOL include The Karate Kid II, Living in Oblivion, La Bamba, Broken Flowers, Cheech and Chong's Next Movie, and Crossroads.
  • Watch This Free -- This site lists movies in twenty-four different genres and is one of the largest and easiest to use Internet movie websites. Their films are available to all visitors free of charge.
  • Crackle -- Yet another excellent site for free movies is Crackle. Crackle, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company, hosts some of the most popular films of recent years like Big Fish, A Few Good Men, Stripes, 'Casualties of War, Groundhog Day, and The Professional.

What About Legality?

In these days of illegal downloading, people are understandably nervous about watching free content online. They might wonder if they are breaking any laws getting something for free that they used to have to pay for. The above free Internet movie channels all have arrangements with movie studios and the content is provided legally and above the board. These sites also show commercials along with the films, so even though the movies are free you still have to sit through the commercials.

However, if you find yourself at other sites that require you to download complete files and save them on your computer, you should be aware that you might be breaking the law. Make sure you understand what material you are downloading if you are concerned about not breaking the law.

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Free Internet Movie Channels