Where to Find Free Hindi Movies to Download

The India Public Domain Movie Project
The India Public Domain Movie Project

The Hindi film industry has been growing consistently for decades. With India's copyright laws placing their films in the public domain after only 60 years, there are now plenty of films available to view for free from the comfort of your home. With the Hindu film industry first really taking off in 1943 with the blockbuster Kismet that means you can download thousands of their most popular post war movies, as well as newer fare.

Get Free Hindi Movies to Download

Below is a list of websites to browse for your favorite free Hindi movies to download. Browse through the available titles offered by each site, or search for a specific movie you've been wanting to see.

Hindi Links 4 U

If you can get past the pop ups you will find a wide range of old and new movies at Hindilinks4u.net. Choose the movie you want and click on download and it will open or save the film on your computer as an exe file. You can browse alphabetically by film title, by year of release, by genre, or by the names of the actors who star in the films.

Public Domain Project

The goal of the Public Domain Project is make Indian public domain films available online. They have just started and only have one film (Kismet) but their numbers should grow in the coming months. You can download the film in AVI, MP4 and OGV formats.

Moving Image Archive

The Moving Image Archive has a small list of public films from the 1940s and '50s you can download. The first two, Lord Ganesh and the Shyamantaka Jewel and The Snow Creature, you will find by following the link. You can find others by using the site's search feature, entering "Bollywood" in the search box. To download click on the film you want to watch and then on one of the links in the movie files section. All films are in metadata format.

Plagiarism Problems

In order to not exceed production budget constraints and churn out films as quickly as possible, the Indian film industry was once known for plagiarizing certain western-based films. Here are a few examples:

  • The Indian film Awarapan is said to be the same story as A Bittersweet Life.
  • Ek Ajnabee tells the exact story as is told in the western film Man on Fire.
  • Hum Tum is said to copy the story of the classic Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan film When Harry Met Sally.
  • The film Partner is said to be a copy of Will Smith's Hitch.

In the past their plagiarism was generally accepted, but in recent years Hollywood has cracked down on it. In 2007 Sony Entertainment was said to be contemplating suing the producers of Partner for directly lifting the story from their film Hitch.

Get Downloading Now

Take some time to explore these sites offering free Hindi movies that you can download, and choose a variety of films in different genres. You'll soon discover a whole new world of cinema that you're sure to enjoy. When finding new sites for free movie downloads, make sure you check their copyright notices and that you can trust that you'll be downloading movies that are free from viruses or malware. Always protect your computer with a trusted anti-virus and malware program.

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Where to Find Free Hindi Movies to Download