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If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, what better way to watch them than finding a site offering free streaming movies online. While free Bollywood movies can sometimes fall in murky waters as far as piracy laws, there are some good legal sites that will let you binge watch your favorites.


While BoxTV.com is a premium movie subscription site, it does offer an assortment of free Hindi and Bollywood movies. While the website states you need to register in order to play free movies, several Bollywood movies like Yaara Silly Silly play without registration to the site. However, free registration does open more free viewing titles. While these movies will play, the experience will not be without commercials. These commercials typically only last one to two minutes, but they are dispersed throughout the viewing, particularly in the beginning of the movie.


SpuuL is an online movie service that offers both free and premium Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and other Indian language movies for streaming and download. If you are looking to spend your Saturday night binge watching some of your Bollywood favorites, it has you covered with titles like Chudail Story and Main Aur Charles. To find the Bollywood collection, click browse, Bollywood, then free. There are a load of options available in horror, comedy, drama, romance, and thriller. Unlike BoxTV, the free service does not have commercials, meaning you can watch uninterrupted.


With an array of Bollywood and Hindi selections available, BigFlix has your Bollywood needs covered. These titles can be sorted based on genres like drama or thriller. While BigFlix is a premium viewing site with a subscription, you don't have to pay for one to watch the free Bollywood titles. However, you will have to create a free account. This is as easy as entering your email address and creating a password. While for many of the newer titles you will only get to watch the trailer, other titles like Sharma Ki Dulhania are available in full length. Once you find a title you like, you just have to click the play button to view it. Make sure you have the newest version of Flash Player.


Rajshri Productions is a large producer of Bollywood films that lets you watch movies free through their Rajshri YouTube Channel. This company boasts over one thousand movies, 44 of which are on the channel. Bollywood titles include the film Ajab Singh Ki Gazab Kahani and Fever. Watching these movies from their YouTube channel is easy. All you have to do is click on the movie you want to check out. It really is that simple.


Available on Roku, smart devices, and computers, you can find Bollywood titles available on popcornflix, which is a free movie site that is completely legal. This site offers several genres and recently added Hindi and Bollywood movies. While the titles aren't expansive, you can watch a few hits like Rann and Aisha, as well as a few other Hindi titles. In addition to Bollywood films, you can find Tamil and Tollywood titles as well

Be Aware

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Many sites that claim to be free may host illegal content so you must be aware of what you are watching and the site that it is downloaded from. The way that they do this is through cam rips, where they illegally record the movie and upload it to the internet, or by pirating the content from paid subscription sites like bwcinema, Spuul paid content, Eros, etc. While it can be hard to tell the difference, newer titles or those still in theaters were probably illegally attained. Additionally, you'll notice these sites have a lot of ads and pop-up links, as well as no about me pages. If the website looks sketchy, it probably is.

Enjoy the Movies

While finding Bollywood movies online in the U.S. can be a bit more difficult, there are several legal sites for your online viewing pleasure. These sites offer an array of movies in different genres. Some are exclusively designed for watching Bollywood movies, but others offer a few select Hindi titles. While some sites are completely legal, there are online movie sites that fall into the grey area because they don't actually host the movies but will link you to them. You have to be careful on these sites and aware of what you are watching. Therefore, if the site looks sketchy or has a ton of pop-up ads, you have probably waded into illegal waters. Now pull up a chair and enjoy having a bingefest on your favorite Bolly titles.

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Where to Watch Free Bollywood Movies Online