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Fred Claus Movie Review

Vince Vaughn

Although it had a pretty star laden cast, the Fred Claus movie review wasn't very favorable.

About Fred Claus the Movie

Fred Claus had all the makings of a typical, goofy Hollywood holiday movie. Not Oscar caliber-stuff, but the movie isn't meant to be, right? Here's a quick list of the all-star cast:

  • Vince Vaughn - As disgruntled Claus brother Fred.
  • Paul Giamatti - As Santa Claus
  • Kathy Bates - Mama Claus
  • Rachel Weisz - As Wanda Binkowski
  • Kevin Spacey - Clyde Northcutt

The film even featured a part where Vince Vaughn, as the brother of the notoriously famous Santa Claus, goes to a meeting of the fictional "Siblings Anonymous" in which Frank Stallone (brother of Sylvester), Roger Clinton (brother of Bill) and Stephen Baldwin (brother of the more famous Alec) made cameo appearances as themselves. The film had all the makings of a really funny film. Unfortunately, it didn't play out that way on screen. Keep reading to see just what the Fred Claus movie reviews had to say.

Fred Claus Movie Reviews

Here is a quick recap of the various reviews for this holiday film:

New York Times

Manhola Dargis of the venerable New York Times calls this film "...a tacky would-be comedy about family dysfunction." Though Dargis does compliment the all-star cast, the review doesn't get any better. Read the full review at the New York Times website.

Rotten Tomatoes

If you ever want to know in general if a movie was critically panned or a critical darling, Rotten Tomatoes is the site you need to check out. The Rotten Tomatoes review of Fred Claus was just a scathing as the New York Times version. The film only received a 21 percent on the "Tomatometer" (the lower the percentage, the worse the film), calling the film a "...slew of wasted talent."

Blog Critic

Probably one of the only positive review of this film out there, the website Blog Critic called Fred Claus "...a good movie." The reviewer goes on to say while it isn't a "perfect" film, the jokes garnered laughs from children while "...providing depth" for adults.

Entertainment Weekly

While not giving it a failing grade, Entertainment Weekly gave it a C- on its grading scale. Lisa Schwartzbaum calls it "...Here's a trendy homily about the Oprah-given right of every kid to be registered on Santa's list as nice and not naughty."

How to Take Movie Reviews

Movie reviews are nothing about a matter of opinion. That being said, of course when you see that all the opinions reach a general consensus that the film is just not a good one, you might want to consider spending your hard earned money on something different. Of course, if you are a huge fan of the main actors in the film, you might want to see it anyway.

The cast of Fred Claus is great, but the translation of the script just fell a little bit short, plus it was released in the middle of the extremely competitive Christmas movie season. Of course, the film found itself being compared with other Christmas hits of that year like Elf and Bad Santa. Now that the film is on DVD and you can rent it for a dollar from any Red Box rental, really, if you're a huge Vince Vaughn or Paul Giamatti fan, why not rent it and form your own opinion of the film? The only thing you really have to lose is a dollar, right?

Fred Claus Movie Review