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Airing movies exclusively from 20th Century Fox, the Fox Movie Channel (FMC) is a must-have for fans of the studio's flicks. Film buffs will also likely enjoy the channel as it takes you behind the scenes of Hollywood moviemaking. Currently, the channel has some 35 million subscribers -- with expansion on the horizon.

Presenting the Fox Movie Channel

On October 31, 1994, the Fox Movie Channel was launched. Known as "fxM," the channel's first name reflected its aim to go inside a movie's production. From script to world premiere, it intended to give viewers an insider's perspective. Six years later, it changed its name to its current version, capitalizing on the brand recognition of its parent company Fox. The channel has not looked back since. Its format has remained the same throughout its history.

The 20th Century Fox Vault

Like other movie channels, FMC broadcasts movies in their original format, commercial-free. It airs movies only from 20th Century Fox's vault, ranging from classic films to contemporary blockbusters. While the cut-off date for new movies is currently the 1990s, that will change as the next decade nears. The channel typically reserves its newer movies for primetime showing while its older titles (including TV movies) air during the day. As a 24-hour channel, there's ample opportunity for viewers to catch repeats.

Original Programming

From the start, Fox envisioned a movie channel that would take viewers behind the scenes and thanks to several original series, that's become a reality.

In addition to its movie broadcasts, Fox's movie channel also airs six regular programs that delve into a particular aspect of movie production. The series are aired throughout the day in between movie showings.

  • Fox Legacy
  • Life After Film School
  • Making a Scene
  • World Premiere
  • Casting Session
  • In Character With

Fox Legacy

Hosted by Tom Rothman, co-chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, the series features landmark 20th Century Fox films. Rothman provides introductions and authoritative insight into these studio gems.

Life After Film School

Film students interview filmmakers who have "made it." Find out what Hollywood is really like and whether or not it's the right path for you.

Making a Scene

Go inside a pivotal scene with this "f/x" series. From an action sequence to a quiet interlude of straight dialogue, find out what's involved in taking a scene from script to screen.

World Premiere

Hosted by Tava Smiley, World Premiere visits cinematic debuts around the world. Go to the red carpet of 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, Fox Broadcasting Company, and FX premieres.

Casting Session

Find out what it takes to cast a movie or series -- from the anxious audition to the critical final decision of filmmakers. A movie begins with an idea, a script, and a cast.

In Character With

Actors provide insight into the acting process and "finding" the character within. Discover the different approaches, including first impressions, research, and what it's like on the day of a shoot.


With 35 million subscribers and growing, Fox's movie network is naturally in competition with other movie channels, such as Turner Classic Movies (TCM).

However, the channel's emphasis on Hollywood moviemaking is what it uniquely brings. While TCM focuses on classic Hollywood, FMC gives movie fans the inside scoop on how movies are made today. Its main competitors on cable are:

  • Turner Classic Movies (Time Warner)
  • MGM HD (Metro Goldwyn Mayer)
  • Flix (Showtime Networks)
  • The Movie Channel (Showtime Networks)
  • Independent Film Channel

Who Receives the Channel?

With so many cable channels, it's possible that you have the Fox Movie Channel, but aren't aware of it. To find out, visit the channel's locator and type in your zip code and cable provider. The tool will tell you what the channel number is in your area and you can then check to see if it's part of your cable package.

If the channel is not offered in your area, you can also call your subscriber to request it. If there is enough demand, you could see it part of your channel lineup soon.

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