Footloose Movie Characters

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The Footloose movie characters brought a story to life about the innocent exploration of teenagers in a conservative religious town.

Footloose Background

Footloose was released in 1984. It was the story of a small town called Beaumont, where dancing and rock-and-roll were forbidden. Then a new kid comes to town and inspires the teens to rebel, challenging the control of the conservative denizens of the town as they dance the nights away and listen to their rock music. The movie inspects teenage innocence and morals to the background of an upbeat soundtrack.

The movie was nominated for several awards in 1985, including: an Oscar for Best Music, Original Song for Footloose and Let's Hear It for the Boy, a Golden Globe for Best Original Song, Footloose, a Grammy for the Best Album of Instrumental Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Special, and Young Artist Award for Best Family Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy.

The Footloose Movie Characters

The Footloose movie characters run the gamut from ultra-conservative to free-spirited. On one end, there's the reverend. On the other, there's Ren.

Ren McCormack

Ren McCormack was played by Kevin Bacon, the new kid in town. His parents had recently divorced and he had to move away from Chicago to the small town in the Midwest. He's the kid who shakes things up-quite literally-in the town that has banned dancing and looks down on rock and roll. He invites the other teenagers to test their boundaries and learn about a new type of fun.

Ariel Moore

Lori Singer played Ariel Moore. She's the daughter of Reverend Shaw more and Vi Moore. She may be used to being (or at least seeming!) somewhat of a good girl, but like many teens, still wants to test the boundaries and see what else is out there. She eventually shows her rebellious streak by venturing into dancing and rock music territory. Ariel catches Ren's eye, but there's an obstacle: a jealous boyfriend. Dating him was yet another rebellion against her father's tight rein on the community.

Vi Moore

Dianne Wiest played the part of Vi Moore, the reverend's wife and Ariel's mother. Though Reverend Moore thinks Ren is bad news for Ariel, Vi disagrees. She's strong-willed and intent on holding her family together, though it seems to be falling apart since the death of her son.

The Rev. Shaw Moore

John Lithgow claimed the part of tyrannical Rev. Shaw Moore. He's Ariel's very conservative father and Vi's husband. He is one of the main people responsible for the town's perception of dancing and rock music. He forbids Ren and Ariel to spend time together because he thinks Ren is bad news. He's dealing with inner turmoil over his son's recent death and letting the associated fears leak out and affect the town.

Willard Hewett

Chris Penn played Willard Hewett, Ren's best friend. He's a part of the reason the kids find the spot where they can dance to rock and roll. The first time Ren drives several of the Beaumont teens out of town to dance, they're planning to teach Willard how to move.


Sarah Jessica Parker, perhaps most well-known for her later role in Sex and the City played the part of Rusty. She is Ariel's best friend and tends to know all the gossip. Sarah Jessica Parker was nominated for a Best Supporting Young Actress in a Motion Picture Musical, Comedy, Adventure or Drama award for her portrayal of Rusty.

Ethel McCormack

Ethel, played by Frances Lee McCain, is Ren's mother. She's recently divorced, new in town, but she's strong-willed enough to stand up for her son when it's necessary without much hesitation.

Wendy Jo

Elizabeth Gorcey was Wendy Jo in the Footloose movie. She's another friend of Ariel and Rusty's.

Chuck Cranston

Chuck Cranston is played by Jim Youngs. This is Ariel's possessive, jealous boyfriend. Oddly enough, he looks the part of the bad boy more so than Ren. He wears leather, rides a motorcycle, has a foul mouth, and of course he dislikes Ren right away.

Final Thoughts

The movie is timeless and the soundtrack is loved by several generations. The Footloose movie characters did a memorable job portraying teenage life and boundaries that present themselves generation after generation.

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