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Flix Movie Channel launched in 1992 as a cable channel with 24-hour programming that focused on older classics from the '70s with occasional titles from the '50s and '60s. As Flix evolved, so have the ways in which you can view the channel.

How to Watch the Flix Movie Channel

SHOWTIME owns Flix Movie Channel, and it is still primarily a cable TV channel that is tied to SHOWTIME subscription packages. You can find Flix at these channel locations on the following major cable company lineups:

The year 1992 was a long time ago, however, and television has transformed into a mobile-first streaming universe. Flix has evolved with these changes in some ways. In other ways, it has not because SHOWTIME stopped supporting some of its earlier tech improvements of Flix. You can view Flix using the following methods.

Flix TV Online

If you are a Direct TV or AT&T subscriber, this method is the easiest, most tech-savvy way to view the Flix Movie Channel in today's mobile world. Direct TV features online streaming versions of its channels, including a page dedicated to watching Flix online. You simply click on the movie you want to watch on their schedule, then click "Watch." (This will trigger a login screen to log in using your Direct TV or AT&T information.)

Flix On Demand

Flix On Demand was a subscription-based video-on-demand feature initially made available in 2005 to subscribers who received Showtime's multiplex channels. Direct TV featured it as part of their Flix package on Channel 1557 (a separate channel than their main Flix Movie Channel). The current channel lineups for the major cable companies no longer have Flix On Demand, and SHOWTIME does not advertise Flix On Demand on its site.

The Flix TV Online site mentioned above functions like video-on-demand. You can pick any movie in its broadcast schedule and watch it on demand even if it hasn't aired on Flix's cable channel yet.

Flix TV Roku

Flix is no longer available on Roku, as you can see if you attempt to search for Flix on the Roku platform. Roku does have a channel called Flix Premiere, which focuses on the indie film industry. However, Flix Premiere is not affiliated in any way with the Flix Movie Channel.

Flix Streaming

Flix Movie Channel used to be available on subscription streaming platforms. However, it has been removed from all such platforms including these popular streaming services:

Note: Even though Flix is still a part of Direct TV's regular cable lineup, it is not included in Direct TV's streaming service called DirectTV Now. In addition, the Flix Movie Channel does not have any apps dedicated solely to Flix.

Overview of Programming: What Flix Offers

As seen in several of the links above, the Flix Movie Channel's programming has evolved over time. In 1992, it began as a tribute to older movies from the '50s, '60s, and '70s exclusively. In the 2000s, it switched to the '80s, '90s, and 2000s. Its schedule as seen above shows a more updated mix of films that are more of a mix between the '90s, 2000s, and 2010s. Dish TV describes Flix as offering "Drama, Comedy, and Mystery programming."

A Combination of the New and Nostalgic

The general motif of the Flix Movie Channel is simple: highlight films from older decades while keeping an occasional eye on current films. It's a varied, refreshing mix of Hollywood hits from years ago, but the movies are just recent enough to fill many viewers with nostalgia. The programming recipe clearly works because the Flix Movie Channel has been around for over 25 years.

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Flix Movie Channel Viewing Options