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Using the Fandango movie tickets purchasing website is another option to ordering your tickets for your favorite movies ahead of time. Fandango makes it easy to find your movie, select the time you want, and pay online for it. Is Fandango right for everyone? Maybe, maybe not; it just depends on your mood and if you feel like going through an online check out.

How It Works

Go to Fandango's main webpage. At the top of the page is a search box where you can look up movies, theatres, and cities. The easiest way to find movies in your area is to type in your zip code. Once the theaters pop up, find your theater and see if your movie is listed. If you are able to buy tickets for that particular movie at that particular time at that particular theater, then the showtime will be in red. Most theaters won't let you by tickets for real early matinees, if they have noon or 1:00 p.m. starting times.

Sometimes movie tickets may not be available on Fandango. This could be a number of reasons:

  • The theater does not have an online ticketing system. Small town theaters or theaters that only can play one or two movies at a time are usually in this category.
  • The movie is sold out. Fandango isn't the most accurate when determining this because there is usually some delay when the theater sells out and when Fandango actually gets the report. So if it is sold out, you can be sure that it's sold out. Vice-versa though, you may be able to buy the ticket when here will not be room at the theater.
  • The movie does not accept online sales. This is very, very rare, but it does happen. This is usually dictated by the production company, not Fandango or the movie theater.

Fandango Movie Tickets Redemption

So how do you get your ticket if you buy Fandango movie tickets online? Pretty simple how, actually. The first way is having the movie theater swipe your credit card. A special ticket number assigned to the movie theater is associated with your credit card, so it's just a matter of having the credit card on you when you reach the theater.

The other way you can retrieve your tickets is to use the redemption machine located in some movie theaters. You can either use your credit card (which works the same way as if you had one of the employees swipe it, or you can use the Fandango confirmation number given to you at checkout). Just punch that number in and your tickets print out. The advantage to this way is that you can skip the lines, especially if there's a new movie or a huge weekend line at the theater.


Purchasing movie tickets through Fandango can almost guarantee you that you can see that anticipated upcoming movie. Of course, the movie theater must have an online ticketing system. Other than that, you can order them as soon as the theater allows you to. Fandango actually limits how many you can buy at once (usually 5) to give everyone a chance to purchase them, but you can just checkout again if you need to.

Convenience Fee

There is a $1.00 per ticket convenience fee that is charged when you check out, but that's the price you pay for, well, convenience.

Keep an Account

Sign up for an account because if you plan to use Fandango in the future it will make it easier to checkout. You can save credit card information, rate movies, and even try to get free tickets if you want to sign up for promotions. Some of the promotions are not that bad, so get yourself in the Fandango movie community while you buy Fandango movie tickets.

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